My Beach Bums


The warm days are not giving up in Connecticut.  We had a few cold evenings...and then...80 to 90 degree temperatures all week!  We decided to make the most of these last days by squeezing in some final day trips.  Here's some pictures of us lounging around at Hammonasset Beach Park.

My bathing beauty.  (He found  my old pair of ridiculously large sunglasses and loves them!)

Posing for the camera in a "Lewie" sort of way...

My avid kite enthusiast.

Little Lewie didn't want the kite to go so far up into the air.  He was very upset that it turned into a little speck.

Making a sand castle with other beach children...Little Lewie is in the water playing.

Water fun!

Okay, I'll help a little. 

Stopping at the beach hut for a bite to eat.

My two favorite boys in the whole wide world.


  1. That looks like a great beach - fun way to end the summer :)

  2. What a fun day! We didn't make it to the beach this year, but we HAVE spent quite a bit of time in the sprinkler :)

  3. Thanks for linking up with Angela & me on Wayback Wednesdays! It's hard to believe summer is nearing its end, but I'll be happy to be done with the heat & humidity. Thankfully our winters are pretty mild here in the Tennessee valley, but you guys have much cooler winters than us. Anywho, I'm now following you. I hope you'll decide to visit my humble little blog Cathy Kennedy's Blog!

  4. Great pictures and it looks like such a fun time. I want fall weather but living in the CA desert we'll have above 100 for several more weeks and slowly return to fall like weather in November. Sigh....

  5. Cute pictures!!! I'm jealous that you live so close to the beach!


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