Starting Traditions


Last summer we started a few traditions.  Of course, in order to make them traditions, we needed to do them again this year too!  Just for fun, I decided to share a few before and now shots...I'm looking forward to continuing these memories next year too.

Our first "tradition" is going to our favorite lake with our best buddy, Ryan.  Just like last year, we played in the sand, tried swimming and kicking in the water (neither boys know how to swim yet), had a picnic lunch, and ended the day with our favorite ice cream treat.  During the hour long car ride home...yup, both of them fell fast asleep again.

Ryan (Age 3)

Lewie (Age 2 going on 3)

The Munchkins at the Snack Bar

Fast Asleep on the Ride Home

Lewie (Age 3 going on 4)

Ryan (Age 4)

The two cool dudes enjoying their ice cream.

Fast asleep on the ride home.

Our second tradition is going to our local amusement park.  Just like last year, we went on the last full Friday that they stay open.  (On this Friday, all the kids are usually back in school, so we get to have the park almost entirely to ourselves!)  Lewie still enjoyed the same rides--the choo choo train, the car ride, and the merry-go-round.  However, this year he had a chance to do something new!  We went on a "real" boat ride, and the captain let Lewie drive the boat!  This was a very serious mission, and so Lewie concentrated real hard the entire time--no poopy jokes on this ride.  Here are some before and after shots again...

Lewie's first choo choo train ride at an amusement park (age 3).

Pretending to drive a boat.

All by himself on the "Frog Hopper."

His favorite--driving a car.

This year--Lewie made a friend and went on the train (age 4).

Still having fun driving his car.

Having fun on the merry-go-round.

Driving a boat...but...

Now he gets to see what's it's like on a real boat!

Getting to be the captain's sailing mate.

Steering the ship.  (He had a chance to drive the boat for the entire 30 minutes!)

Traditions are so much fun.  I'm hoping we do these same things next year...and the year after that...and the year after that...maybe until college :)


  1. The boys look like they had a blast! What fun times...hope to do things like this when my boys get older!

  2. It looks like those two boys are great friends!
    The comparison pictures really show how much Lewie has grown!

  3. Goodness Annette, Little Lewie is getting so big. It looks like you have been having a great summer! I would like to meet at Mystic soon. Do you work on the weekends? That is the time we can go. I hope you are well. Great pictures!

    Mama Hen

  4. Wow - he is no longer a baby, but a big boy.
    Looks like a great tradition.

  5. I love how serious his face is driving that boat! He grew up so much in one short year! I didn't realize that he is almost exactly a year older than my little guy... it's like a little preview for me :) Hope you guys had a great end of summer!

  6. Hey Annette, we were up at Mystic Aquarium over the weekend. It was last minute. It was a beautiful day for it. Let's make a plan to meet there soon. can you ever go on the weekend? I hope you are well. Have a great week!

    Mama Hen


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