The Renaissance Fair


This month, my husband and I decided to take Lewie to his very first Renaissance Fair.  My husband and I had fond memories of going when we were dating, and we thought it'd be fun to relive those memories and share them with Lewie.

Now, as you may or may not know, lots of people like to dress up for the Renaissance Fairs; they dress like knights, fairies, princesses, maidens, royalty, peasants, etc. (Some people are so authentic that they even go without wearing deodorant too.)   Heck, even my own cousins had a Renaissance wedding out in the woods.  (We weren't invited because it was just for immediate family, but we saw the fun pictures afterwords.)  One day we might like to try dressing up ourselves, but at this time, we decided comfort was best, and that meant wearing our shorts and T-shirts--no tight girdle or undergarments for me...

The Sea Monster ride (kind of like the Pirate Swing)  Lewie, that little blond head on the left, loved it!

Little Lewie, me, and a Pirate--Arrrrg!

A village in medieval times...

We had a chance to see real, live medieval acrobats!

The Maypole Dance--I was impressed with the way they weaved the ribbons.

They had basketball in medieval times too (lol).

Little Lewie and Daddy testing their strength

Another interesting, human-propelled ride...These guys twisted the ropes up to the top and let the ride spin and unravel by itself;  I'll admit this ride was a little bumpy towards the end.

Lewie and Daddy with the Pirate too.  

One last picture of the three of us as we exited the main gates...  There were jogging strollers in medieval times too.

I'll have to admit that the food was one of the best parts of our visit.  We ate "Steak on a Stake," Crepes, fresh cut potato chips, and ice-cream.  Seeing everyone dressed up in costumes was so much fun too!  Little Lewie didn't have the patience for many of the shows, but he did enjoy the human-propelled rides and the ice-cream.  Oh, and he loved the skull necklace (he's wearing) that he won from shooting a "cannonball."  I could see myself living in medieval times few hours again ;)


  1. It looks like he had a great time! That's a pretty impressive fair :)

  2. Love the renaissance fair! I went when I was about 16 and one of the acts made fun of my 'chest'. Okay seriously I was 16. Regardless I've been back and it was fun.Looks like fun was had by all.


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