The Halloween Mystery...


This Halloween, Little Lewie and I dressed up as Scooby and Velma and went off in our "Mystery Machine" to find clues.  (Actually, our mission was to find candy...but you know...)

This year, hands down, we had the best Halloween.  All day Lewie referred to me as Velma instead of Mommy, and I got to be his trusty sidekick that every once and a while replenished him with a "Scooby Snack."  In the morning, we took off in our "Mystery Machine" to preschool where he had a chance to march in a Halloween parade with all his other little friends.  Later that evening, we went out trick-or-treating in our neighborhood where we received tons of compliments.  One little boy (around five or six) came up to me, and said:  "Excuse me.  Are you that kid's mom?  Could you tell him that I love his costume?"  By far, that was the best compliment of the night!

The Friday after Halloween, we dressed up one more time to visit my mom's place of work.  There, Lewie received some more Halloween candy and had a chance to entertain everyone as Scooby.  (I still remember the very first year I brought him over to visit as a pumpkin--that very first year he was only two months-old!)

Besides the compliments, the very best part of the night was watching Lewie go from house to house with joy.  A few times I caught him singing the Scooby Doo song as we walked.  He was so excited to be his favorite cartoon character.  (To be honest, I enjoyed dressing up as Velma too because I loved watching Scooby Doo mysteries as a kid!)

Well Scooby, we had a great Halloween.  Our next mystery will be guessing what costume we want to wear for next year...

Scooby and Velma at preschool.

A profile of Scooby in the costume parade.

Scooby and his antics!

Scooby and Gramy at her work.

One more picture of the Mystery Machine Crew.


  1. Hi Annette,
    You two are the cutest crime fighters that I have ever seen. Love your costumes. So glad to hear you both had a great Halloween.

  2. Those costumes are awesome. Younshould of had your mom dress up like Daphne.

  3. Those costumes are awesome. Younshould of had your mom dress up like Daphne.

  4. Cool glasses! My sister Hillary and I used to stay up all night just to make sure we didn't miss Scooby and Friends! Love, Tracy

  5. Those are awesome costumes! And you are the cutest mom ever :)


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