The Santa Express


Last Sunday, Little Lewie and I had reservations to go on "The Santa Express."  Since he's such a huge Polar Express fan, I knew he would be excited to go on a real choo choo train.  Even more, the train cars were from the early 1920's, so the ride felt even more authentic to the movie.

We rode with another little friend and his mom and had the joy of meeting Santa, Mrs. Claus, and even one of Santa's helpers.  The ride was fun, and we had a few funny moments to throw into the mix too.

At some point during the middle of the train ride, my son said he had to go pee pee.  Trains from the 1920's do not have bathrooms, and so we had ourselves a dilemma.  When the train stopped to turn around and go back in its original direction, I pounced on one of the conductors.

" son has to go to the bathroom.  Is there anyway he can just whizz off the back of the train car?"

Mrs. Claus herself halted the train and escorted us to a place where Lewie could exit the train...There was no shyness there, he was done emptying his bladder in a few seconds flat.  Problem solved.

On the way back, one of the conductors came onto the loud speaker and told us that we wouldn't be able to go up the hill and cross the dam that day.  "The rain is making the rails very slippery, and the wheels keep on flipping."

My girlfriend and I looked at each other and laughed.  "That's okay by me," she said relieved.  "I'd prefer not to go up on a dam anyways."  I couldn't agree more.

Picture of the train crossing the dam in good weather!
At the end of the trip, we went into the train station to listen to some Christmas music and check out their gift shop.  Lewie was enthralled with the motorized trains they had on display, so I never had a chance to look at their shop.  My friend, on the other hand, went and bought a simple toy train that her son picked out.

During the entire ride home, my son whined, "I want that toy train.  I want his toy."  The boys kept sharing it back and forth, but I had to keep reminding Lewie when his turn was taking a little too long.

After a special, fun-filled day on the train, Lewie's final comment to me was, " I don't want Santa to bring a cash register anymore; I want that toy train."  Ugghhh.  It looks like I'll be going back to the train station today (since it's only open on the weekends) to get the same little $6 choo choo train for him...  Santa's job is not easy; he needs a raise.

Us on the train...(It almost looks like we're on a school bus...)

Lewie and Santa...

Santa exiting the car...

The train station and gift shoppe.

The boys enjoying the moving toy trains.


  1. You guys have the best adventures!!! I hope you have a very Merry Christmas :)

  2. Looks like a magical moment!
    Thanks for your recent comments on my blog. Loved your take on perfection.
    Merry Christmas to you.

  3. This looks like so much fun! I would love to do that with Little Chick one day! We are both sick with the flu right now. We had a lovely Christmas! Lets plan on meeting soon in the New Year at Mystic! I hope you are having a great holiday!

    Mama Hen

  4. I can't wait to meet in Mystic Mama Hen. Let's make plans soon :)


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