Friday Fun Flick: I like trains...and you! There's no doubt about it!


My husband and I "interviewed" my little boy this weekend.  It was very impromptu and started only because Little Lewie put on my husband's glasses.

"So what does it feel like to be a boy genius?" my husband asked.

Not knowing what a genius is, my son replied, "I'm not a genius; I'm Lewie."

After this first question, the filming started from there...


  1. What a little cutie, I love when he breaks into his song, so sweet!

  2. Oh my goodness, what a cutie! He's absolutely adorable :)

    xoxo Jamie

  3. Very cute! Love the glasses. I hope you are doing well. It had been so nice out. Lets plan to go to Mystic soon. Have a great night!

    Mana Hen

  4. So sweet! I need to do something like this with the boys!


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