Lewie Meets Thomas the Train!


Last Sunday, our son Lewie had a chance to meet Thomas the Train and receive his little Junior Engineer Certificate.  For the past few months, Lewie knew he would be meeting Thomas in person, so the anticipation of seeing him steadily grew, and grew, and grew up until the final moment!

Indeed, there were no disappointments.  The Day Out with Thomas (part of the Go Go Thomas Tour 2013) was so much fun!  We arrived about an hour before our train ride, so we could enjoy some of the other amusements. They had ice cream, cotton candy and food vendors; a fun house, merry-go-round, and car ride; and, of course, above all, they had trains!  With Lewie being such a train aficionado, we didn't have to worry about standing in long lines for the rides; he was content just looking at the trains (or more specifically, the trains' wheels).

My husband and I smiled from ear to ear the whole day as Little Lewie's enthusiasm was contagious.  Everything made him shake with excitement--seeing Thomas, watching the engineer shovel coal into the firebox of a steam train (located on the opposite end of Thomas), listening to the steam train's loud whistle and Thomas's little whistle, handing his train tickets to get punched, and riding the train while listening to Thomas talk to us on the intercom.

After our train ride, my two Lew's went to get ice cream, while I took a look around the Thomas the Train gift shop.  Consequently, Sir Topham Hatt was there to greet all the visitors...

Thomas proved to be a "really useful engine" that day as he made Lewie one of the happiest little boys on the planet.  Who would have thought a child's happiness could bring so much happiness to our own hearts?  Well, there's no doubt about it, our "fireboxes fizzled" with joy! (Note: Please don't feel obligated to view all the pictures and videos...He was just so excited that I couldn't put down the camera.)

Having lunch before meeting Thomas.

Lewie and Daddy pointing to the Essex Train Station on the map.

Me and my little guy at the restaurant.

Lewie sporting his Thomas the Train Overalls.

"Hey Everyone, Look it's Thomas."

Admiring his "James" train tattoo.

Checking out the steam engine on the opposite side of Thomas.

Thomas pulling in from one of his trips.  His eyes moved, and he whistled to everyone!

Waiting patiently...

Lewie took a picture of us on the train.

Well "Buff My Bumpers"...It's Thomas on the intercom!

The best train ride ever!
Lewie meeting Thomas.

Lewie explaining how a train's wheels work.

Lewie enjoying the train ride. 


  1. Happy Mother's Day my friend! I hope you do something very special on your day! It is beautiful out.
    Oh goodness I did not know Thomas was there! we would have difinitely gone. I have another trip planned for NH this summer and Thomas will be there again so we will see him then.
    Hope to plan to get together soon.
    Have a great day!

    Mama Hen

  2. How fun to watch a dream of his literally come to life! My friend took her boys on a Thomas Train ride as well and they had the best time.

    I agree that the excitement of children is contagious and as a parent there's nothing better than bringing magic into their life.

    Happy Mother's Day to you :)

  3. I love this precious time when our little guys are so innocent. There is really nothing better than seeing your kiddo so happy! I love your pictures - you all really do have huge grins on your face. Thanks for the smile :)

  4. How fun is this?! Love it! Lewie is so cute. His smile is so contagious and adorable! You look beautiful!

  5. Such cute pictures! It looks like he had a great time!!!

  6. This was such a beautiful day! I hope you got out and enjoyed it with Little Lewie! Have a great weekend my friend!

    Mama Hen

  7. We did something similar with the boys not too long ago ,they loved it just as much!


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