Four Going on 24!


My son is four years-old, but if you listened to our conversations around the house, I'm sure you wouldn't know it...

Lewie:  "Leave the keys out to the Subaru."
Me:       "What did you say?"
Lewie:  "Leave the keys out to the Subaru.  I have to go to work."
Me:       "And where do you work?"
Lewie:  "I have an office at Naugatuck Valley."  (This is where my husband works and where he used to go to preschool.)
Me:       "So you work with Daddy?"
Lewie:  "Yes, sometimes."
Me:       "What do you do?"
Lewie:  "I teach, and I work on the computer."  RING RING RING, RING RING RING.  (My son answers his pretend cell phone.)
Me:      "Who's calling you?"
Lewie: "My work.  They need me to go now."

I'll end the conversation there.  You see, while some kids pretend to be superheroes, and some pretend to be animals or dinosaurs, or cartoon characters, my son pretends to be an adult.  According to him, he has a job, he has a cell phone, he has a car, he has his own house (close to ours), he has siblings (even though he's really an only child), and he has a kid.  (I think his kid is magically older than him, but nonetheless, his kid often comes with us and has to be buckled in the backseat of the car too.)

Everyone assures me that his wild imagination is natural, but oh my, I just wish I could have my four year-old back.  I don't like this pretending to be an adult stage.

Oh, and here's a picture of his pocketbook (or as Daddy calls it...his man-purse).

A few weeks ago, Lewie decided that he needs a bag to carry all of his essentials, and so when I reach for my purse on the go, so must he.  As you can see, he's carrying some very important items: a cell phone, a key, an alarm clock key chain, a mini strainer, a light-up pen, and a spinning top.  I suppose it's not nice of me to be already going through his personal things, but I just had to see what was so important, since he insists he can't leave the house without his bag...

Here's to enjoying the innocence of least what's left of it.


  1. Lewie sounds like a riot! For an "adult", he's got an imagination.

  2. How funny!! I think my husband needs one too ;)

  3. Oh my gosh this is hilarious! I love it :) at first I wasn't reading the names on the side and thought you were the one asking him to leave the keys out hahaha, he really does sound so mature.

  4. I don't remember my kids going through such "mature" roll playing as toddlers/preschoolers, but now that they're teens...oy vey! That imagination will come in handy one day when he really is all grown up and going off to work in Naugatuck Valley teaching kids and working on computers LOL! Gotta love a man confident enough in himself to proudly use a "man-purse"! Fun times : )

  5. Lewie is just so adorable!! What a smart boy! I wanted to thank you for always stopping by my blog and lifting my spirit. You are such a wonderful person! Xoxo


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