These Busy Days of Summer


Oh, how I wish I could say "these lazy days of summer," but our summer has been anything but lazy.  In the past two weeks, we've picked strawberries, visited a trolley museum, went to the beach, saw fireworks (twice), and went swimming in friends' and family members' pools.  (This is in addition to working, correcting papers--I teach English composition--and, trying to do some minor home improvements like painting, upholstery cleaning, and eventually getting a new carpet for our living room.)

These summer days are swirling by, but at least I can say we are making the most of them.  The rainy days of June have stopped, and so these hot July days have been providing plenty of opportunities to swim and have fun.

The constant activity of friends and family has left me with little time to take pictures, but at least (between my husband and I) I have a few cell phone pictures to share:

Patriotic cousins!!

Our first time strawberry picking.  (It was my first time too!)

Hmmm...where should I start?

Oh, those look really good over there!

What a great way to keep the kiddos busy and out of trouble (LOL).

I think I'll eat some...

"I mean it Mommy.  Can I eat them for real?"


  1. Sounds like you're living life and having lots of fun!

  2. summer is flying by but it definitely seems like you are making the most of it!

  3. oh those look YUMMY!

    haha, we always say LAZY DAYS and they never are, are they? bummer because summer is my most favorite time of year...well, Christmas too!

    Have fun and enjoy the rest of summer :)

  4. How fun! Looks like you guys have been busy :) Those berries look amazing!

  5. The summer days are flying by! It looks like you're having a great time, though!

  6. Hi Annette! We have a farm just down the street that does "pick your own strawberries" and I have never stopped time they're in season I will do just that. I bet my nieces would love it, too. You really do have to plan to do stuff during the summer; otherwise, the days slip by and are gone before you know it! Here's hoping you continue doing just what you're doing...enjoying all of the little things that mean a lot.

  7. I love having busy summers! I am glad that you guys have been doing mostly busy fun things :) I think it would be so fun to pick strawberries, the pictures are darling! Summer just goes by so quick! Hope your day is amazing, friend!

  8. Really? First time strawberry picking? Wow! How fun! That just makes me happy for you. Strawberry picking is an annual ritual around here I wouldn't miss for the world.


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