Profile of My Five Year-Old


As the years go by, I start realizing how quickly I forget about things...Lewie's first word, his first step, the first time he helped me make cupcakes...

Before I forget about this year, my goal is to list all the highlights and the quirky, wonderful things that make Lewie, well...Lewie.

My favorite little guy in the whole wide world.
Lewie, you LOVE people.  You are talkative and social.  You love to be silly and make jokes (especially potty jokes), and you are the sound effect king.   You are sweet; you give Mommy and Daddy dozens of butterfly kisses and hugs, and you even hug and kiss your favorite teachers.  There's no surprise that this year, like last year, one of your teacher's came to me and whispered, "Lewie's my favorite."  It seems like you have the ability to make friends and admirers wherever you go.

You are smart; your math skills have scored off the charts, and there's no question that you're interested in all things technology.  From computers to cell phones, from cars to trains, from elevators to escalators, from vacuums to flashlights, you are interested in how things work, and if given the chance, you would open up every panel to see the batteries and wires inside.  As you expressed to us one day, "I know about wires."

You LOVE life.  Every morning you wake up happy and excited to begin a new day, and while you're sometimes reluctant to go to school, we often have a hard time getting you to leave.  You love your playdates with friends and even special Mommy and Daddy days.  The only thing you don't like to do is sleep.  "Sleep if boring!" you've exclaimed on more than one occasion.  Oh, if you'd only know how sleep, one day, will become your best friend.

And now, without further ado, here is a list of your favorites this year...

My favorite picture

Favorite Book:
The Polar Express

Favorite Cartoons:
Thomas the Train
Sponge Bob
Peppa Pig
Scooby Doo
Team Umizoomi

Favorite Colors:
Pink and orange

Favorite Dessert:
Vanilla ice-cream in a cup with hot fudge and rainbow sprinkles

Favorite Food:

Favorite Friend:
"I like everybody, Mommy"

Favorite Game:
Hide and Go Seek

First Item He Bought with His Own Money at a Tag Sale:
Two "man purses," and a sun hat for Grammy

Favorite Movie & Soundtrack:
The Polar Express

Favorite Number:

Favorite Pastime:
Playing with his train table
Pretending to text on and charge his "pretend" cell phone

Favorite Place:
Any parks (where there's kids to play with)
Any hotel (especially ones with elevators)
Any pool or beach
The Danbury Railway Museum
The Essex Steam Train
The Thomaston Train Museum
Mommy's and Daddy's workplace

Favorite Sayings:
"Hi my name is Lewie.  Would you like to play with me?"
"Out of my way, Express coming through!" (when you're on your bike)
"Can I have a piece of chocolate, please."
"This is my brother Nick." ( don't have a brother.)
"I'm a goofy goober." (from Sponge Bob)
"I love you, Mommy.  I'm think I'm going to keep you forever."  (This is totally your own saying.)

Milestones (from age four):
First time pumping on the swings by yourself
First time riding a two wheel bike (w/ training wheels)
First time going to a movie theater
First time roller skating
First time seeing a hot air balloon
First time taking swim lessons
First time packing your own suitcase
First time playing Angry Birds
First time visiting the library on a weekly basis
First time putting on your shoes by yourself
First sleepover (next door w/ Aunty Kiki)

Oh how I wish I could "freeze" these days.  The cuteness has only continued through these last five years,  and everyday you make me more proud than the last.  Yes, Lewie, to use your very own words, "I think I'm going to keep you forever."



  1. Oh my goodness this is so cute Annette! I can't believe how fast the time goes. I remember when he was just a little munchkin. I hope you are well my friend!

    mama Hen

  2. This is so sweet! I know exactly what you mean about freezing these moments--I want to do something like this for each of my kids right now because they all just had birthdays and I often want to freeze time with them!



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