I'm Officially a Soccer Mom!


This weekend, Lewie had his first soccer practice.  Until now, I've never joined him in any organized sports just because I thought he might be too young.  (The last thing I want for him is to lose confidence at a young age and quit.)

Well, Saturday we went to our recreation complex, and Lewie was given his first official uniform and soccer ball.  His team is called the Dinomites, and he's got a cute Dinosaur as his mascot.  (We've been told that "Dino" will be coming to visit in the next few weeks.  This is very exciting stuff!)

I enjoyed his first practice, mainly because it requires parent participation.  This week's theme was being on a farm, and Lewie had to play "farm games" with his soccer ball.  Lewie had to chase Mommy and Daddy in the soccer field and catch our fox tails (rags)--first without "dribbling" the ball but then with the ball.   Then Mommy and Daddy had to lay eggs (cones), and Lewie had to practice kicking the ball to the cones. 

At the end of the practice, Coach Seth decided to have a little game--the Dinomites against their parents.  This didn't go over as well as expected.  The kiddos were forgetting which net was their goal, and since they didn't know how to work together as a team yet, they were all trying to kick the ball at once (or else they were watching from the sidelines).  As expected, our first Dinomite fell on his butt and started screaming.  Then two others joined in the crying escapade.  Lewie tried kicking the ball with two other kids, and they all fell on top of each other like dominos.  Thus, we had another three sniffling kids.  The Coach then stopped the game and apologized:  "I guess we're not quite ready yet.  I don't think we had a single player that didn't cry.  We'll try this again at the end of the season." 

The good news is that over all, Lewie enjoyed his practice, and he's looking forward to next week.  He was visibly upset to see other kids get hurt, so I'm not sure how he'll fare in his next game, but until then, we'll make sure he continues having fun playing his "farm games" with Mommy and Daddy.

The Dinomites w/ Coach Seth

Our proud family

I love this pic, but my husband cropped my head!

My little soccer champ!

One more picture...in full uniform!

Demonstrating his kicking skill.

Go Dinomites!


  1. Cute pictures. My husband always ends up cutting off my head too.

  2. Lewie is adorable and look so cute in his uniform. I love that they involved the parents with the practice. Your family is beautiful! Great job Lewie!!!

  3. Way to go little guy! That will be so fun for him. I'm sure he'll love it! :)

  4. So fun! I'm so looking forward to when Cash is old enough to join a soccer or t-ball program. All though time can crawl until he's that age. It goes too fast as it is! :)

  5. Little kid sports are so funny. We let Cullen play tball last year and I swear it was more social for us than anything. Love the family pic! I hope Lewie enjoys his season

  6. Hi Annette, I hope all is great with you and Little Lewie! That is so much fun that you are now a soccer mom! Things have been very busy lately. My mom has not been well and I have been taking care of her. My computer does not work and I can't blog properly, so I have not been able to create posts. I need a new computer and cant afford it right now. Ugh! But I am happy it is autumn and the weather has been beautiful! Lets try and plan something soon with the kids. Maybe we can go pumpkin picking! Do you ever go to Bishops in Guilford? I am not sure how far that is from you. I hope all is well!

    Mama Hen


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