Lewie's First Day of Pre-K!


Yesterday was Lewie's first official day of school.  I pressed his clothes the night before (I hardly ever iron), got his new Thomas the Train lunch bag ready, and packed up his extra pair of clothes in his new Thomas the Train rolling book bag.  It was fun!

Getting dressed up for the first day of school is one of my favorite childhood memories, and so now I'm passing it along to Lewie.  I'm not sure how much fun he had posing for the camera yesterday morning again and again, but I'm thankful he let me have my once-a-year entertainment.

This is a sample of the silliness I had to endure most of the time.

Finally, after 12+ pictures!
Posing in front of his school.
Entering his Pre-K class.

After numerous conversations with his teachers, we decided that Lewie wasn't quite ready to enter full-day kindergarten, and so we're doing Pre-K four days per week.  At first, I was worried about our decision.  After all, don't most five year-olds go to kindergarten?  Some friends and family members were supportive; others weren't.  Still, he's a young five, and I know he could benefit from another year of reviewing numbers and letters while still having the luxury of "days off" with Mommy, Daddy, and Gramy.  His teachers who initiated this discussion seemed to think so too.

So...I made my decision; there's no turning back.  Here's to one more year before kindergarten, school buses and report cards.  He'll learn at his own pace, and that's just fine with me.


  1. No worries. We are leaning that way already too--letting our August baby be the oldest and have one more year. Here's to a great school year and giving our boys the best we can. :)

  2. That means you get him an extra year before he graduates... sounds like an awesome plan to me!!! John has an October birthday, so will be on the same plan :) Lewie looks so handsome and grown up! I hope he had a wonderful first day!!!

  3. How handsome is he!! Love this. He is getting so big. You are such a wonderful Mom! I know he is going to do great!


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