The Ultimate Playdate!


 On August 1 of this year, I returned to work full-time.  (I'm still getting emotional thinking about it.)  For the last 4 1/2 years, I've held onto a part-time schedule, which allowed me to stay home with Lewie at least two to three days per week.  This time, to me, was the most precious ever, and I will never ever regret my decision to stay home with him.  I've had an amazing time reading Lewie stories, taking him on play dates, and especially taking him on special mother-son outings.

Over the summer, I lost the generous salary I was making as a part-time employee, and I was forced to either work full-time to keep my salary or settle for 40% less pay.  It was a difficult decision--one that I still question, but for now, I've opted to keep my salary and the lifestyle I've been accustomed least until credit card bills can get paid down...

These past few weeks of being a full-time employee has been draining to say the least, and so when the opportunity presented itself for us to take an affordable family vacation last week, I couldn't pass it up.  The place, known as the Woodloch Resort, nestled in the mountains of Pennsylvania, is an all inclusive family resort that offers in-door and outdoor pools and splash pads, bumper boats, bumper cars, go-karts, a zip line, archery, arts and crafts, family competitions, lakeside activities (like row boating, skiing, fishing, sailing, and swimming), and evening entertainment (like plays, comedy shows, and juggling acts).

In some ways, it reminded me of upscale camping; we ate at the lodge as a group with other families, we partook in mostly outside activities, and the grounds of Woodlock were pristine, rustic, and natural.  The part I liked the best, however, is that Woodlock is family-centered.  All activities (whether they be sports, rides, parties, festivals, shows, or competitions) were geared toward children and their parents, and as a result, one of their many known slogans is "the ultimate playdate."  For four full-days, my husband and I had non-stop "playdates" with our five year-old, and we learned that in doing this, we not only created tons of fun memories but we also laughed harder than we had in years...  At Woodlock, even grandparents and great-grandparents join the fun too.  It's truly a unique place.

While I won't bore you with a day-to-day itinerary of everything we did, I would like to share a few pictures of my favorite moments.  Indeed, my son told us one evening, "I think this place is magic," and once he said it, I couldn't agree more.  Woodlock was magic--it healed my wounds of going back to work full-time, and it brought a renewed radiance to a stressed out family (ours) that so desperately needed to be reminded of the "simple things" that make life awesome.

Daddy and Lewie racing on a Go-Kart track.  (Lewie was still below the height limit to drive on his own.)

My two boys finishing up their picnic lunch.

I had to join in a picture too.  After all, I had lunch with them too!

Lewie having a chance to drive his very own "party boat."

Daddy relaxing on the open water.

I'm relaxing on the party boat too!

Celebrating Daddy's (43rd) Birthday at the lodge.  (Lewie helped blow the candles too.)

Lewie playing at their 'indoor' splash pad...

Playing in the "pretend geysers."

Daddy and Lewie doing tricks w/ new friends.

It's time for bumper boats!!

The three of us bumping and squirting each other.  (Little Lewie never stopped squirting.)

Time for an old-fashioned row boat ride...

Daddy in action...

"Land ahoy."

Wondering how to get out.

A close-up in his life vest.

Carefully returning the vest to its proper place.

Admiring the lake...

Sneaking a morning breakfast treat at the lodge.

"A tiger is a wonderful thing!"

Morning mist on the lake.

Beyond the looking glass...

Competing in "cupcake wars" w/ his new friend Charlotte.

Proud silver medalists for our fabulous cupcake decorating skills.
(Lewie shook w/ excitement when he received his very first medal.)


  1. That would be so hard to go back to work full time! But I am so glad you got to go on such an amazing little vacation. Those pictures make it look like the ultimate weekend.

  2. I'm sorry you had to make such a tough decision! I hope that you guys settle into a new routine soon... I'll be thinking of you! You guys go on the best vacations!!! I love the smiles you all have - I wish we lived closer to you because you look like so much fun :) Lewie is a lucky little man!

  3. It looks like you guys had just a wonderful time on vacation! So glad that the 3 of you were able to do that!

  4. I can see how it would be hard for you to be away from those babes. Thank goodness for vacations though! Looks like so much fun for you guys!!!

  5. that place looks SO cool! My boys would love it! Hang in there with full-time work....I know you feel overwhelmed and missing the time at home but I'm sure the new routine will fall into place soon :) ((hugs)) to ya, Momma!

  6. Glad you jumped at the chance for a break! I am sure the transition has been tough. I have so much respect for full time working moms- I dont know how you do it all!


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