Field Trip - A Small, But Meaningful Victory for Mommy


I won't lie.  Working full-time stinks.  Only a few short months ago, I had the chance to work three days a week and spend the other two with my son.  It was perfect.   I could earn some money to help pay for household expenses, spend valuable time with Lewie, and find some hours in-between for myself and my own well-being.

Working full-time, for me, has changed everything.  I have less time for Lewie, less time for myself, less time to clean the house, and just less time in general.  Everything has turned into a very tightly wound schedule--one that can unwind at a moment's notice if one detail falls out of sync.  Doctors appointments are strategically planned, personal days are requested months in advance, and weekly chores are prioritized on a level of 1 through 10.  Grocery shopping, of course, gets a # 1 rating; whereas, mopping the floors is a # 10.  (Mopping the floors never happens because I never have time to move past level # 5.) 

I find that with this type of schedule, I have to start rewarding myself for small victories.  Yay, I was able to put up Halloween decorations a week before the holiday, or yay, I was able to squeeze in a quick walk during my lunch hour at work!

This week's small victory was being able to go on my son's field trip.  After rearranging appointments at work and promising to make up my time by staying late during other nights of the week, I was able to spend three glorious hours with my son and his teachers and classmates. 

You see, ever since I started working full-time, Lewie has felt the effects of Mommy not being around as much.  As I drop him off from school, he usually begins his chorus of requests...

"Mommy can you stay at school today to read us a book?"

"Mommy, I wish you can work here."

"Mommy, can you pick me up early?  Can you pick me up after lunch time?"

The requests go on and on, and the mommy guilt presses on me like carrying a 350 pound bag of sand on my shoulders.  I know I'm not unique; many moms have to work and trade in treasured moments with their kids for banal hours with irritating coworkers and demanding customers.   I know I will eventually adjust...he will eventually adjust.  We're just not there yet.

So, in the meantime, I'm happy to share these prized pictures of Lewie's field trip.  It was a memorable day because it was a day where once...just once...I could say "yes" to one of Lewie's tender requests.  "Yes Lewie, I can stay with you at school today, and yes we will be able to have fun together." 

Lewie, me, and his little class on the hayride.  (Lewie found an interesting piece of hay...)

My little boy and I.  (Wish he was smiling...oh well.)

The view (right from over my little boy's head).

Cows coming toward us.  Evidently, the thrill of this hayride is that the cows get to eat...

Right from our wagon...  That's one of little Lewie's classmates feeding them.


Lewie preferred to watch the cows eat instead of feeding them himself.

Miss Nicole writing Lewie's name on his pumpkin.

Om my...what is Dennis the Menace up to now...?

Lewie's little Kokopelli preschool class.  They were all angels.  Honestly.

Driving through the muck to get back.

We were seriously going through two feet of water... I won't lie; I was nervous we were going to get stuck!

Made it!  Whew!

Goodbye Schreiber's Farm!  Time to return to our van.


  1. What a fun day out! After hearing about your new schedule (and being very grateful for my own now) I'm sure it meant the world to you and Lewie. What a pretty farm. Here's to becoming super mom!

  2. Wow, looks like a really fun day! I am so happy that you were able to join him, what a special thing I am sure! I look forward to following you! :)

  3. Oh sweet momma!! You are doing a GOOD job of balancing everything! I know it doesn't feel like it, but don't let the guilt bring you down! You are the BEST mom!
    What a wonderful field trip! Love the pictures!! And it truly does sound like an amazing time :)

  4. You are a fantastic mommy my friend! These pictures look like so much fun! Soak up all the moments like these. I hope you are doing well! This has been a beautiful autumn! Happy Halloween!

    Mama Hen

  5. Hope you had a great Halloween! Enjoy the weekend! :)

    Mama Hen

  6. Lewie.. you are so cute! Love your smile!
    It is so hard when our kiddos ask us not to go to work. It breaks my heart.
    You are such a wonderful Mom! I am so glad that you were able to spend time with Lewie, looks like a wonderful trip! xo


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