Halloween 2013 - Choo Choo


I'm not sure how else to describe this year's Halloween except to say, "All Aboard."

Little Lewie chose a train costume for Halloween this year--Brewster from Disney's "Chuggington" to be exact.  In early October, we started viewing various train costumes online, and he fell in love with Brewster.  To be honest, I loved the costume too.  I know the years of dressing as a Star Wars character, a superhero, or a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle is coming soon, so I was happy to grasp onto one more year of "cuteness."

In order to join the fun, Mommy and Daddy decided to embrace the train theme too. Besides loving Thomas the Train and Chuggington, Lewie also loves The Polar Express.  (He's been obsessed with the movie since last November.)  I transformed a pilot costume into a conductor uniform for my husband, so he could be Tom Hank's character, and I bought myself an engineer's costume.  The outcome looked like this:

Lewie and me at his school Halloween party.

Lewie and Daddy getting ready for Trick-o-treating.

The three of us, right on "track" for Halloween.
The weekend before Halloween, we decided to visit Sesame Place for their Halloween Spooktacular event.  We had left over "free" tickets from the summer, and so we decided to make the four hour trip to Pennsylvania.

The event didn't disappoint.  Lewie had a chance to see several "Halloween" shows with his Sesame Street character friends, go on multiple amusement park rides, trick-or-treat throughout the park, and watch the Sesame Street Halloween parade.  Since we thought his Brewster costume might be uncomfortable to wear the entire day, we dressed him up in his train engineer costume instead.  (This is the same costume he wore for his trolley birthday party.)  Needless to say, Lewie had a blast pretending he was a train engineer throughout the day.  Adults, especially at the hotel, just loved his little imagination.

The best part of the day was when we went to see the Elmo's World Halloween show.  We sat in a studio that looked just like Elmo's World on TV, and when the characters came out, Lewie looked at me and said, "Wow Mommy!  I didn't know Elmo's World was real!"  I giggled and replied, "Sure it is Lewie."   I just love this age of innocence and make believe.  It makes every holiday super special!


Lewie and Daddy doing a "ropes" course.

Love all the Halloween decorations!
Lewie and me in the Sesame Street Pumpkin patch.
Big Lew and Little Lew.
Trick-or-Treating before the next ride.
Lewie's favorite ride...clickety clack along the track.
A great view of the parade on top of Daddy's shoulders.
Elmo float w/ his trick-or-treat pumpkin pail
The Count...Ah, Ah, Ah
The Count Pumpkin...Ah, Ah, Ah

One more squeeze before the next show...
Dancing to "The Monster Mash."


  1. Love the costumes!! So adorable! I love that he chose Brewster :) Such a handsome happy little guy! I just love his sweet imagination. You look beautiful! Glad you had such a great time! xoxo

  2. So cute!! You guys looked awesome!!

  3. You guys looked great! What great sports! :)

  4. Sweetest family!! I LOVE the themed costumes! So perfect :)

  5. Darling family costumes! Jed is just barely getting into trains. And that Sesame Place sounds like a wonderful amusement park I need to take my kids to someday, you know, if we're ever on the east coast before they turn ten. haha Happy Halloween! Glad it was a memorable one.

  6. Your themed costumes are just too cute! My 3-year old son would love to have a choo-choo family, but I don't think his 6-year old sister would go for it, lol! And I *love* your pumpkin patch pictures...kids and pumpkins are a great combination!

  7. You are all so adorable! Great pictures! What a fun time! I think I am going to take my daughter to the Polar Express this year in Essex. Have you done that yet? I know she would love that! I am sure Little Lewie would too! We have not been to Sesame Place yet, but would love to go. Maybe next summer! So many fun things in the area! I hope you are well my friend! Have a great weekend!

    Mama Hen


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