Lewie-isms (Age 5)


I know I keep on repeating myself, but...I can't help it.  I LOVE AGE FIVE!  My son is perpetually making me laugh, and he's still at the tender age where Mommy and Daddy is his everything.  Being with this kid just warms my heart all day long!

Here is a list of the ridiculously cute things my son says throughout  the day/week.  Am I wrong if I don't correct him?

1)  Lewie has inherited a number of non-working cell phones throughout the years.  He has two of from Mommy, two from Daddy, one from Gramy, and another from Ninny and Papa (my in-laws).  One of his phones is a Blackberry.  The other day, Lewie puts his hand out and says,

          "Wait a minute.  I have to go inside to get my phone.  I have to get my Blueberry."

2) The other night Lewie had some some congestion and we set up the vaporizer in his room.  After waking up the next day, he says,

          "Mommy, I'm feeling so much better.  That breather works great!!"

3)  Mowing the lawn is one of Lewie's favorite pastimes; he rides on Daddy's tractor.

          "Hey Daddy, do you want to lawn the mow?"

4)  Since Sponge Bob is a regular TV show in this house, Lewie uses Sponge Bob's words when he's frustrated.  Daily, I hear Lewie yell...

          "Oh Barnacles!" or "Oh, Tartar Sauce!"

Finally, since my little boy is going to Kokopelli, a preschool that focuses on music, dance, and the arts, we find that Lewie loves to break out into song A LOT.  Here is one of the cutest videos my husband captured this weekend:

Lewie, I have to say that Mommy is so proud of you.  You're growing up to be such a fun, happy, free spirited, and sweet little boy.  Thank you for gracing my life everyday with your wonderful smile.  You may every moment a "treat!"


  1. For some reason, I always think of Lewie being lightyears ahead of Jed, but then I read things like this and it makes me excited that I'll still have an innocent cute little guy two years from now. Way to sing it, Lewie!

  2. So super cute! That is great that you are keeping track of all the cute things that Little Lewie says. You will all look back on them so fondly. Happy Thanksgiving Annette! I hope you have a wonderful day!

    Mama Hen

  3. I love it! Arent you glad you are writing them all down so you don't forget? My boys crack me up daily.


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