Toy Flashback to 1981


I grew up as an only child in my family, and now it looks like my son may just be an only child too. Since I was an only child, my mom had the time to meticulously pack all of my toys in her attic. Perhaps she thought I might have a sibling someday, or maybe just maybe she hoped she'd have a grandchild who could use them...

In any case, the latter came true.  Ever since that fateful day of my son's birth, I've had the pleasure of watching my mom reintroduce my old toys to Lewie.  One of my favorite toys of all time is the Fisher Price Little People House Boat.

Picture courtesy of eBay.

While my boat is not in "selling condition" like the one shown above (it received lots of attention when I was a child), my son doesn't mind one bit.  It has become his favorite bath toy, and once again the Little People House Boat has been able to set sail to the mighty seas of our tub.

I mention this toy for two reasons.  First, it brings back a lot of nostalgia.  I spent hours in the tub pretending that Mommy and Daddy were having picnics on the boat, while the little boy and girl were practicing their diving and swimming skills in the "lake."  One time, my mom actually played "house boat" with me at the kitchen table, and it was one of my favorite memories of make-believe play.  My own parents were divorced when I was five, and so my mom raised me with her parents (my grandparents).  Playing houseboat for me was a way to "act out" what a "normal" family might look like.  (Of course, now that I'm older, I realize that there is no exact definition of a "normal" family.)

I tried playing "house boat" with Lewie but then quickly learned that there is a HUGE difference between boys and girls.  While I liked acting out family conversations and activities, Lewie prefers not to use any of the "Little People" at all.  The other day there was so much commotion in the bathroom that I had to peek from the door:

"Tidal wave!  Tidal wave!"  Lewie shouts.  "AGGHHHH!  THE SHIP IS SINKING. AGGHHH!"


"Lewie, what are you doing?"  I ask curiously as I see my beloved toy turned upside down in the water.

"Oh, there was a major storm, Mommy.  The ship sank."

"Oh," I replied.  "Do you want me to throw out the life vests to the family members?"  (The toy comes with play life vests too!)

"No.  It's too late," Lewie replied.

With that, I said no more.

Yes, my Little People House Boat is getting lots of use these days.  It may have some stickers that are wearing off and a few marks and scratches, but it's hosted some very fun family picnics in the 80's and has even weathered some fierce storms in 2013 :)


  1. Bahaha! I love little boys' imaginations. How cool is it that Lewie is playing with some of your favorite toys? My mom saved a few that my boys play with too. 80's toys are hardy. They don't make them like that anymore. :) (Though I DO plan on getting Levi a little people something er rather for Christmas!)

  2. I love this post! Like Jessie said above, the toys from back then were hardy. they really don't make them like that any more! That is so great you can pass your toys down. I have some Barbies and dolls that I passed on to my daughter. I hope we can get our Little Leos together soon! Sleeping Giant is so beautiful! I hope you have been well! Have a great night!

    Mama Hen

  3. I remember that toy. ..I think my brother had one. How fun that you still have yours.


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