Last Day of Swim Class!


Yesterday, Lewie completed his last day of swim class (at least for this year).  His swim school doesn't allow parents in the pool area during the lessons.  Therefore, Lewie was beyond excited when he heard that I could come in and watch his very last class.

If there's one thing that my son likes, it's having an audience.  It was fun watching him "show off" (in Lewie fashion) just for Mommy!  (One day I suppose it will be for his friends and cute girls...but not yet!)

My son was definitely the class clown of his swim class.  He hasn't passed Level 1 just yet, but at least he's having fun trying...


  1. What a sweet face :) It is awesome that he loves swim class! I want to sign the boys up this spring... but I'm worried they will not share Lewie's enthusiasm! Have a wonderful Christmas Annette!!!

  2. Such a happy kid. I think swimming is a very important skill for every child to have. Peace of mind for mama... sorta. :)

  3. Cute pics. I need to get mine back in swim.


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