An Interview with My Five Year-Old


This week has been a struggle.  Both Lewie and I came down with a bad head cold on Sunday, which quickly turned over to the flu for the rest of the week.  Our clean, organized house that we spent much time fixing over the weekend quickly turned into a war zone of germs, used tissues, medicine bottles, pillows, clothes, and blankets thrown all about the house.  I look at it now (after one full week of being sick) and wonder when will I have enough energy to start the clean up again.

Today, after feeling a little better and finally being able to sit upright again, I decided to "interview" my five year old.  Truth be told, I write about my son all the time--what he likes, what he doesn't like, what surprises me.  But as he gets older, I realize that he has his own little voice, and whether I want to admit it or not, my Little Lewie can begin answering for himself.  So today, I grabbed a piece of paper and decided to write down my son's answers--word for word.

Here are Lewie's answers to my most pressing questions:

Me:  What's your favorite toy,  Lewie?

Lewie:  My favorite toy is what I'm making right now.

Me:  What are you making right now?

Lewie:  Well thanks for asking.  Right now I'm building a Lego world and train tracks.

Me:  What is your favorite season?

Lewie:  Spring and Winter...Summer...and Fall too.

Me:  What is your favorite color?

Lewie:  My favorite color is orange and pink.  Just orange and pink Mommy.

Me:  What is your favorite thing to do?

Lewie:  My favorite thing to do is to live with you guys.

Me:  What is your favorite food?

Lewie:  My favorite food is broccoli, oatmeal, a corn muffin, and toast.

Me:  What is your favorite dessert?

Lewie:  You're talking about a treat, right?  Okay so it's ice cream and more ice cream.

Me:  What kind of ice cream?

Lewie:  Chocolate and vanilla and strawberry.  I like all of them.

Me:  What is your favorite time of day?

Lewie:  I like the morning and the afternoon but not school in the afternoon.

Me:  What do you think kindergarten will be like?

Lewie:  Well I think kindergarten is going to be like fun. 

Me:  What do you think you'll learn in kindergarten?

Lewie:  Nothing.  (laughs).  I'm just kidding.

Me:  No really, what do you think you'll learn in kindergarten?  Do you think you'll learn how to read?

Lewie:  I already know how to read.

Me:  What is your favorite letter?

Lewie: L because it starts with my name that's why. 

Me:  What is your favorite number"

Lewie:  10.  I mean 100.

Me:  Who's your best friend?

Lewie:  Bryan   (He means Ryan.)

Me:  What's your favorite cartoon?

Lewie:  Thomas the Train

Me:  What do you want to be when you grow up?

Lewie:  A train conductor.

Finally, here is the answer to Daddy's most pressing question:

Daddy:  What is the median income for a family in the Naugatuck Valley Region?

Lewie:  Poopy

So here you have it folks...Here is the transcript of my son's very first formal interview.  I am proud to say that all of these replies have come directly from my son without any prompting or coaching from me. 

I must say that he seemed a little relieved once all the questions were over. After all, according to him "It's taking for a long time."   I wonder how he will feel about these answers in the next few years...


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