Profile of My Six Year-Old


Last year I started a tradition of "interviewing" my five year-old and writing down all of his milestones.  Now another year has come and gone and I find myself writing about my (gulp) six year- old.  Oh, watching my son grow up is bitter-sweet for me.  I'm so proud of my little guy--his sweetness, his enthusiasm, his joy, and his empathy.  He's my best buddy, and we have lots of special and even "deep" conversations when we're together.  Still, I miss the baby days of grabbing his hands to help keep his balance and having him cuddle with me until he falls asleep in my lap...  I try to savor the moments, but they still seem to go by much too fast!

Drying off at Veteran's Memorial Park.

Lewie, you are a people person to the max.  You enjoy talking, and you want company wherever you go.  If you're watching a cartoon or even one of your train "YouTube" videos, you ask Mommy, Daddy, Grammy, or all of us to join you.  If you're playing with your Legos, you'll often exclaim that you're "missing" a piece--your secret ploy to get someone to sit by your side and be with you.

You are thoughtful and kind.  This year we started taking you shopping to pick out presents for your friends and family, and it turns out that you're really good at choosing the perfect gift.  You told Daddy to buy me the most beautiful bouquet of flowers for Mother's Day (how did you know?), and when we shopped together for Father's Day, you saw the fireworks display at the supermarket, and said, "Mommy, I want to get him this!"  (You know Daddy way too well!)

You are passionate.  Your love for trains only seems to grow stronger each year, and we're now realizing that your hobby is not a fad.  While you're slowly starting to grow out of Chuggington and even Thomas (though you still like movies like "The Blue Mountain Mystery"), you have not stopped playing with trains.  Now your interests have switched to Lego trains and Lionel trains (which are harder on our wallets) as you see them on YouTube and exclaim that you'd love to get TRAIN X for (insert holiday).  Your love of trains have even prompted us to make special trips near railroad stations--two of which are happening this fall--the Stasburg Railroad in Pennsylvania and the Green Mountain Railroad in Vermont.  It seems that your excitement has now gotten the entire family involved :)

You are inquisitive.  When Uncle Terry passed away, you had so many questions to ask about God, Jesus, and heaven.  Your innocent questions forced me to ponder deeper answers to "the meaning of life" and "why are we here?"  The birth of your youngest cousin Lily also prompted questions like "where do babies come from?" and "why can't daddies have boy babies and mommies have girl babies?"  You've admitted you would like to have a baby yourself, but I reminded you that 1) you're too young, and 2) boys don't have babies.

I suppose I can go on and on...but now, it's time for your list of favorites:

Eating strawberries at March Farm.

Favorite Book:
The Little Engine that Could

Favorite Cartoons:
Thomas the Train--sometimes
Sponge Bob
Paw Patrol
Peppa Pig

Favorite Colors:
Pink and orange

Favorite Dessert:
Chocolate ice cream with hot fudge, whipped cream, and Oreo cookie crumbles on top

Favorite Food:
"Well, it's dairy, but my favorite food is macaroni and cheese."

Favorite Friend:
"I like everybody, Mommy"

Favorite Game:

Favorite Movie:
The Lego Movie
The Polar Express

Favorite Number:

Favorite Pastime:
The Lionel Polar Express Train

Favorite Place:
The Shoreline Trolley Museum
The Danbury Railway Museum
The Naugatuck Valley Railroad
Mommy's and Daddy's workplace
Any parks (where there's kids to play with)
Any hotel (especially ones with elevators)
Any pool or beach

Favorite Sayings:
"Daddy, are you going to lawn the mow?"  (We're to blame for this one.  We never corrected you.)
"Mommy, you're never gonna a believe this."
"Mommy, you made my day by saying that."
"Stop interrupting my good time."
"Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy."
"On aboard." (Instead of "All aboard.")
"Mommy, can I watch train movies?"  (YouTube train movies...)
"Let me show you the details on this train.  Also, you can hear the crew talk sounds..."  (This is you creating your own train YouTube video just like you watch from Eric Siegel from

Favorite Songs:
"Best Day of My Life" - American Authors
"Happy" - Pharrell Williams
"Let it Go" - Idina Menzel - Frozen

Milestones (from Age 5):
First time "jumping" off the swings
First time parasailing
First time swimming underwater with a mask
First time getting dressed by yourself
First time putting a 100 piece puzzle together
First time making a  Lego car, camper, train, boat, etc. by following directions (all by yourself)
First time writing your full name
First time playing soccer (although you've decided this is not your thing!)

Lewie, every year it's a joy to watch you grow.  For the first time this year, you've already surpassed Mommy.  When we bought you your Lego train set for your birthday, in no time at all, you had the train wired and moving around on its train tracks.  I don't even think you looked at the instructions. (Not having a mechanical mind at all, I was amazed by your genius;  even daddy was impressed!)

I don't know where next year will take us little guy, but your first day of kindergarten is coming up next week.  As always, I look forward to many more new and exciting adventures with you.  Just do me one favor--don't grow up too fast!

Forever yours,



  1. I love this post Annette! Lewie is such a cutie and has so much enthusiasm, sweetness and empathy for sure! I love that you have kept track of all the cute things he has been saying each year. I did the first few years and then did not keep up with it. I wish I did because some things are just so sweet. We still use cute words my daughter could not say when she was little. They have become regular family words. :) Time has a way of flying by and it is so important to savor every moment with our little ones. Lets plan another get together soon. Maybe the farm! :) I hope you are well! Say hi to Little Lewie from Little Chick and I.
    Have a great weekend!

    Mama Hen

  2. Aw, he is so awesome. My three just discovered Paw Patrol, and are new fans.


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