Today I'm linking up with Jenna, founder of A Mama Collective.  I thought it might be fun to write a generic post of life "currently."

Thinking about// the fall.  Although we still have summer weather here in Connecticut, the start of school is usually the milestone I use to realize that our carefree summer days of going to the beach, visiting amusement parks, and running tiptoe through the sprinklers until 9 p.m. at night is no longer an option.  In fact, it's getting dark by 7:30 now.  We celebrated our last "day" of summer on Labor Day weekend with a final trip to Lake Quassy, a local amusement park.

My son in front of the "train" ride

and on the Merry-Go-Round.

A "selfie" on the Merry-Go-Round since that's the only time I get my picture taken these days...

Lewie and Daddy on the boat ride.

A picture of Lewie and me too.

My sweet boy sitting in the "Captain's Chair."

Thankful for // my son's new school.  Since our town only offers half-day kindergarten, my husband and I spent many months going to open houses at other "private schools" in the area to find a full-time program.  We finally settled on one that was convenient to home and that seemed to offer a very loving and nurturing environment. 

We prayed on the decision, and as it turns out, our prayers were answered.  After the first day of school, my son proclaimed, "Mommy, this new school is everything I wished for!"  The next day I dropped him off at school, and his kindergarten teacher greeted Lewie with a huge hug:

"I have to tell you..." she said, "at the end of the day yesterday, I gave all the children a blank piece of paper, so they could draw their favorite thing about kindergarten.  Do you want to know what Lewie drew?"

(A train...I thought to myself.)

"Why he drew a picture of me," said the teacher beaming and getting teary eyed.  "He's the reason why I love what I do..."

I couldn't be more proud of my little guy.  He told me he liked his new teacher.  If he were a couple of years older, I would accuse him of being a "kiss-up," but at his age, I know Lewie can only be one thing, and that is authentic to the core.  I'm so glad he's already developed a good rapport with Mrs. Kranz. 

Yay for Lewie enjoying school and looking forward to learning everyday!

Loving // country fairs.  While it's tough to say goodbye to summer, I must admit that I enjoy the fall--fair season, apple picking, pumpkin picking, apple crisp, apple fritters, jack-o-lanterns, Halloween, leaf peeping, etc.  My mom and I took Lewie to a couple of country fairs, and they did not disappoint.  Besides enjoying yummy food and carnival rides, so far we've seen motorcycles flip 75 feet into the air, tractor lawn mowers race for the Gold (just like NASCAR), and talented dogs jump the length of 25 feet or more into a swimming pool.  It's been fun!

Motorcycle stunts!

Tractor "lawn mower" racing

Lewie enjoying himself at the races...

Diving Dogs!

Besides going to country fairs, we're looking to enjoy the great outdoors this fall.  I even signed up Hubby and I to go on a canoe trip during the second week of October.  I can't wait!

What plans do you have for autumn?


  1. I love how kids at these young tender ages are totally authentic. So happy Lewie is happy in his new classroom. Sounds like you are having a lot of fun as a family, doing some fun things.

  2. I can't imagine it getting dark so early! Here in Alabama it stays bright until 8:30 or 9. I'm really looking forward to Fall also! I love all the community activities and pumpkin foods!

  3. I love how so many posts are talking about fall. I love fall! It feels nothing like it here in the south yet, but it will come (hopefully soon). County fairs are so much fun! In middle school and high school it was the cool thing to do to walk to the fair after school on Friday. Your fair looks really exciting.

  4. What a sweet kiddo. That's great that he loves school and that y'all found a good fit for him.

  5. Glad the school is working out. A canoe trip sounds fun!

  6. Local amusement parks are the best and my daughter would love that train! It's so wonderful you love his school because SO many parents talk about how much they dislike theirs or can't find a good fit! Cute photos :)

  7. I love country fairs too! Especially the food!

  8. Awww. That is so great that your son loves his new school! What a relief for you :)
    We love the county fairs too!

    Stopping by from the link up ~Becky with Choose Happy

  9. I love that story about Lewie and Kindergarten. You must have been so happy to know that your prayers were answered!


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