We're Moving Up to Kindergarten


Today was Lewie's first day of Kindergarten...  It was tough bringing him to a new school and starting a new routine.  Still, after all my anxiety, his first day was a SUCCESS.  He reported that his first day was "GREAT."  He likes his teacher, he likes his classmates, and he loves being able to warm his food in the microwave.  (Oh, it's the little things in life...)

He didn't have any homework for his first day, but I'm sure that will change as we progress further into the school year.  For now, I'm just happy that both of us made it through this milestone...

Dear God, I pray that you take care of Little Lewie on his first day of kindergarten.

I pray that his teachers show him empathy, patience, and grace...

I pray that he acquire a love of learning and a desire to try his very best...

I pray that he makes new friends and always has the confidence to be himself.

And I pray that he is loved, nurtured, warm, and safe in his new environment.  Amen.

It's hard to let go.... It's times like these when I'm thankful for the quiet comfort that comes from answered prayers.  Here's to wishing everyone a very happy, healthy, positive, engaging, and fun new school year!


  1. LOVE these pictures so much! Lewie is growing up too fast! I'm glad his first day was such a success!!

  2. Your prayer for Lewie is everything I ever wish for my own sons. Glad his first day went so well! Here's to a great year.

  3. Love it! So happy Lewie had a great start to the school year! Wishing you both all the best!

    Mama Hen


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