Holiday Chocolate!


I must confess...I am a true chocoholic!  I'm not sure I've gone much longer than 12 hours in my entire life without eating something chocolate--chocolate milk, chocolate cake, chocolate candy, chocolate ice cream, or during times like these--hot cocoa.

Little Lewie is a chocolate aficionado too.  Just yesterday, he was bummed when I reminded him that he had to go to school.  "Why do I have to go to school Mommy?  It's Christmastime!  I should be allowed to stay home and drink hot chocolate all day."  (Now, that's my boy!)

This year we started (ahem) a new holiday chocolate tradition to add to the old.

1)  Old Tradition...

We've been enjoying a piece of Whitman's Chocolate everyday as we count down the days to Christmas with the Snoopy (Peanuts) Advent Calendar.

New Tradition...
I recently learned about this amazing chocolate (Milk House Chocolates) that comes from a dairy farm here in Goshen, Connecticut.  The farm pastures their cows and feeds them specific hay and organic feed to produce "sweet milk."   Their website states, "Would you like to know where your milk comes from?  We can actually show you which cow, tell you her name, her family history, and what makes her milk so smooth and pure."  (They milk their cows using buckets and not a pump system.)  We recently visited the farm and bought chocolate gift boxes but not without trying their chocolate first...!  Some of their unique flavors are Dark Chocolate Lavender, Intense Dark Chocolate Orange Truffle, Milk Maid's Irish Cream, Almond Truffle, and Hazelnut Coffee.
Thorncrest Farm in Goshen, CT


Milk House Artisanal Chocolates...This Way!

I expected the farm to have a chocolate gift shop, but instead they just have a tiny room where
you pick chocolates from behind a counter.  This place is a rare find; however, rumor has it that
it's been visited by celebrities such as Tom Cruise.
Indeed, Christmas is a perfect time to give and receive...chocolate.  Many thanks to my friends who not only taught me about this special place but invited me and the family to come with them!

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  1. Oh wow! What a special treat! This sounds like a perfect new tradition to add to the holiday fun! I love me some good chocolate!!


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