Three Whole Days of Fun!


January has been busy.  It seems like the minute our family returned to school and work from the long Christmas break, we have been operating at full speed (and then some).  It even feels like the days have been blending into one another.

The transition from Christmas break to a full five days of school didn't resonate well for Lewie either. Tears would begin to form in his eyes as he had to say goodbye to us at school, and his hugs became tighter and longer.  "Just one more hug, Mommy!" he'd announce before I left his kindergarten classroom to go to work...

So when this past Saturday finally arrived, we decided to kick away the usual routine of laundry, errands, and housework.  Instead, I'm happy to report that friends and family-time came first.

Saturday - On Saturday my husband had a chance to play his new bass guitar with friends from college; meanwhile, my mom, Lewie, and I went to the movies to see Paddington.  Boy, we sure did enjoy watching Paddington and his innocent blunders as he stows away and tries to navigate the world of London.  Lewie loved the movie, but he admitted that there were some parts that made him "nervous," such as when Paddington starts a flood in the bathroom and ends up riding down a wave of water in the family bathtub.  (Sometimes I forget he's only six--it only makes sense that he would find some parts a little overwhelming.)

Courtesy of the Movie Website
After the movie, we treated ourselves to milkshakes at a nearby diner and talked about the movie.  Paddington was Little Lewie's favorite character, the father was my mom's favorite character (he's a risk analyst, which is just like my mom's work in insurance), and the mother was my favorite character.  I really enjoyed hearing my son's opinions of the movie; it reminded me that he's now a little boy that has the ability to think and reason for himself.

Sunday - On Sunday, we went to church and had the joy of visiting family friends for some homemade pizza!  Our friends spoiled us not only with yummy pizza but with a delicious chocolate cream pie for dessert too.  While the four of us (Sue, John, my husband and I)  blabbed in the kitchen about life and recent happenings, Little Lewie and his good friend Ryan enjoyed playing LEGO Minecraft in the next room.  Every now and again, they would bring their adventures into the kitchen only to head right back to the living room.  It was interesting to learn that both boys had recently developed a fascination with Minecraft, which seems to be the trendy, pop-culture choice for young boys these days.

Ryan and Lewie

Monday - On Monday (Martin Luther King Day), we ended our three day vacation with a trip to Roller Magic.  We discovered that Lewie outgrew his little, adjustable roller skates, so we had to buy him rentals, which had must faster wheels than his other skates.  Our little guy had a hard time just standing in them, never mind "rolling" in them.  Still, he practiced with Daddy and me on the carpet and had a chance to go out onto the rink a handful of times.  I left feeling hopeful about his progress and wondering if I might be able to fit in weekly trips to Roller Magic so that Lewie can get the practice he needs...  It would be fun to have a weekly, family Roller Magic date night!

Of course we had to stop for dinner after Roller Magic!  We definitely worked up an appetite.

Now, of course, it's back to school and work, but we were happy to enjoy these three days!  We're looking forward to February break, which is on the horizon...  I can't wait!

Lewie-isms (Age 6)


Every now and again, I'll write a post about Lewie's favorite and funny expressions.  I have four Lewie-ism posts, the earliest one starting at age three.    Back then, I'll admit, I thought the cute sayings would disappear by the time my son turned five, but I'm happy to learn that kids don't grow up that quickly...  There is still plenty of cuteness at age 6!

Lewie's School Picture
 Here's just a few of the many six year-old conversations we have in this house:

Watching Youtube...
Lewie:  "I can't understand this video.  We speak in different English."

On the way to school...
Lewie:  "Mommy, please drive slow.  I get motionable when you drive too fast."

A normal day of school and work...
Lewie:  "Mommy, can you stay home with me."
Me:       Lewie, I can't.  You have to go to school, and I have to go to work."
Lewie:  (Grabbing his pretend phone)  "Hi, Hi Boss.  I can't come to work today because I'm perfectly  ill.  Can you get somebody else to do it?"
Me:      (After laughing) "Lewie, were you calling your place of work or mine?"
Lewie:  "That was your work Mommy.  You don't have to go today."

A conversation about life on the trampoline:
Lewie:  "Mommy, where is Uncle Terry now?"
Me:       "Lewie, he's up there (pointing to the clouds) with God in heaven."
Lewie:  "What is heaven like?"
Me:       "It's a beautiful place where you are happy and at peace."
Lewie:  "Are there lots and lots of trains there?"
Me:       (Wondering where he's going with this...)  Yes.
Lewie:   "Mommy..."
Me:       "Yes..."
Lewie:   "I wish we were in heaven right now..."

The day after Christmas:
Lewie:  "Mommy, Tootie is still here...Tootie is still here."
Me:       (Recognizing that Tootie, our Elf on the Shelf, should have left.)  Oh, well, I think he wanted to stay a day longer to watch you enjoy your presents."
Lewie:   "Yea.  I want to write a thank you letter to Santa."

Other silly mispronunciations or sayings...
"That looks vamiliar."
"I love my stuffed aminals."
"Mommy, I am going to build you the awesomist Lego train.  It's going to be so big!"
"We are going to Florida, Tampa."
"Santa bought me a "Tindle" for Christmas."  (He really means a Kindle.)

Oh, to be six again... It's still very much an age of wonderment, curiosity, and joy.   My little boy never sleeps past 7 a.m. for fear that he might miss out on life, and he never wants to go to bed before 10 p.m.  (We struggle with earlier bedtimes because then he's awake by 5 a.m. or 6 a.m.)  We always end the day with the same question, "Mommy, can you read me three stories?"

I want to bottle up this age forever...