Lewie-isms (Age 6)


Every now and again, I'll write a post about Lewie's favorite and funny expressions.  I have four Lewie-ism posts, the earliest one starting at age three.    Back then, I'll admit, I thought the cute sayings would disappear by the time my son turned five, but I'm happy to learn that kids don't grow up that quickly...  There is still plenty of cuteness at age 6!

Lewie's School Picture
 Here's just a few of the many six year-old conversations we have in this house:

Watching Youtube...
Lewie:  "I can't understand this video.  We speak in different English."

On the way to school...
Lewie:  "Mommy, please drive slow.  I get motionable when you drive too fast."

A normal day of school and work...
Lewie:  "Mommy, can you stay home with me."
Me:       Lewie, I can't.  You have to go to school, and I have to go to work."
Lewie:  (Grabbing his pretend phone)  "Hi, Hi Boss.  I can't come to work today because I'm perfectly  ill.  Can you get somebody else to do it?"
Me:      (After laughing) "Lewie, were you calling your place of work or mine?"
Lewie:  "That was your work Mommy.  You don't have to go today."

A conversation about life on the trampoline:
Lewie:  "Mommy, where is Uncle Terry now?"
Me:       "Lewie, he's up there (pointing to the clouds) with God in heaven."
Lewie:  "What is heaven like?"
Me:       "It's a beautiful place where you are happy and at peace."
Lewie:  "Are there lots and lots of trains there?"
Me:       (Wondering where he's going with this...)  Yes.
Lewie:   "Mommy..."
Me:       "Yes..."
Lewie:   "I wish we were in heaven right now..."

The day after Christmas:
Lewie:  "Mommy, Tootie is still here...Tootie is still here."
Me:       (Recognizing that Tootie, our Elf on the Shelf, should have left.)  Oh, well, I think he wanted to stay a day longer to watch you enjoy your presents."
Lewie:   "Yea.  I want to write a thank you letter to Santa."

Other silly mispronunciations or sayings...
"That looks vamiliar."
"I love my stuffed aminals."
"Mommy, I am going to build you the awesomist Lego train.  It's going to be so big!"
"We are going to Florida, Tampa."
"Santa bought me a "Tindle" for Christmas."  (He really means a Kindle.)

Oh, to be six again... It's still very much an age of wonderment, curiosity, and joy.   My little boy never sleeps past 7 a.m. for fear that he might miss out on life, and he never wants to go to bed before 10 p.m.  (We struggle with earlier bedtimes because then he's awake by 5 a.m. or 6 a.m.)  We always end the day with the same question, "Mommy, can you read me three stories?"

I want to bottle up this age forever... 


  1. He is so cute! I can't believe he stays up until 10!

  2. So cute!! I have had a draft open for a few weeks now for a new segment I want to start that is basically this same kind of post for Charli! HAHA! Kids really do say the darndest things! ;)

  3. Still so cute and innocent! I love the pictures of him.

  4. Such a sweet boy! I love that I have recorded the sweet and silly things the boys say too.

  5. I record the silly things my kids say too. It's so fun to go back and look at! Oh - and our elf stuck around to see the kids open presents too! ;-)

  6. Oh melt my HEART! He is so cute! "perfectly ill" DYING over that one! I bet your boss couldn't have said no to that one if he really had called ;)
    This makes me so excited for Mia vocabulary to keep growing! I can't wait to hear the things she will come up with!

  7. He is too cute! Also? I can't believe he's already 6!


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