Happy Valentine's Day Week!


This year, we're celebrating Valentine's Day for seven straight days.  This decision came partly out of necessity (the snowstorms here have been brutal), but it mostly came out of our desire to celebrate our friends and family for longer than one day.

For us, Valentine's Day Week started last Friday, February 13th.  Lewie had his school Valentine's Day party, and parents were invited to attend.  I was thrilled to be able to use my lunch hour to go participate, and Lewie was ecstatic that I was there. 

Instead of the usual store-bought Valentine's Day cards, we spent Thursday evening making our own heart cards out of construction paper.  We also went to our local pharmacy down the road to buy everyone little gifts.  Lewie picked out pretty pens and stickers for the three girls in his class; "cool" little tow trucks for the two boys in his class;  a colorful scarf for his art and Spanish teacher, Miss Gabby; and a Willow Tree Angel for his very special kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Kranz.

When we picked out the gifts, Lewie immediately started to daydream about what his classmates might buy him.  I stopped him in his tracks: "Lewie, I have an important secret to share with you.  Getting presents is nice and it makes us happy, but giving presents to others is pure joy.  You'll see."  I then proceeded to tell him that we were buying these gifts for our friends because we want to make them happy and to show them how much we love and appreciate them.

The Willow Tree Angel Lewie chose for his teacher because she loves flowers.
 It's called "Sunshine."

Making our heart Valentine's Day cards.

Lewie w/ Mrs. Kranz and his classmates.

Yay for Valentine's Day!!
After Lewie's Valentine's Day party at school, we spent the weekend making sugar cookies and chocolate chip cookies to deliver to some of our other special friends this week.  Since we had a snowstorm/blizzard on Valentine's Day, we barricaded ourselves inside.  My husband and I agreed we would have a date night sometime this week, and in the meantime, I'm prepared to use our last four days of "Valentine's Day Week" to show Lewie the true joy of giving.  Just like last year for Random Acts of Kindness Week, we'll be delivering special surprises to unsuspecting friends, family, and even strangers.

All set to go!

How was your Valentine's Day?


  1. Ahhh look at him baking! Haha. How nice you talked to him about buying gifts for others and how exciting it is. I bought my mom a Willow Tree wooden figurine too! I got the generations one with the grandmom, mom, and daughter :) They are so sweet and I'll def be buying more for people in the future. Happy VDay!

  2. I love this Annette! What a special thing to do with Lewie - he will have awesome memories of celebrating with you :) And I cannot believe how grown up his sweet little face is becoming!!! What a handsome guy :) Happy Valentine's Week, friend!

  3. That is fun. I bet everyone just loved their gifts!

  4. This sounds like the BEST way to celebrate Valentines.... a week full of LOVE! How fun, even if it was necessary :) Sweet Lewie looks like he's definitely enjoying the celebrations!

  5. Lewie is such a sweet boy! He did a great job on his valentines!


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