Miss Kristen


Like all parents, I am so proud of my little boy.  I am proud of what he learns in school; I am proud of his imagination when he builds amazing objects with LEGOs, and heck, I am even proud of how he can jump and swim under water without holding his nose. (Yes, I'm a pretty typical mom!)

Still, there is one thing that makes me the proudest, and that is that we are raising our child to be one sweet, kind, compassionate soul.  From day one, Little Lewie has been a very sensitive boy who is genuinely concerned about other people's feelings.  He likes making people laugh, and he easily becomes distraught if he thinks Mommy or Daddy might be angry, frustrated, or disappointed in him.  Although I would like to take credit for Lewie's "good behavior," I myself can't really pinpoint whether his loving personality comes from nature or nurture.

As you can imagine, his warmheartedness extends to the classroom.  His teachers adore him, and over the years, we've had teachers offer to babysit just so they could stay connected.  Two of his teachers from last year even came to Lewie's birthday party!

Still, we were pleasantly surprised when Miss Kristen, Lewie's summer camp teacher, called us out of the blue to come visit during her winter break!  Since she was home from college, she asked if she could visit Little Lewie, and so a pizza party was arranged.  She even bought Lewie a special Thomas the Train puzzle and "match" game for Christmas (which was so not necessary)!

Little Lewie was so happy to spend the afternoon with his favorite teacher, and we were absolutely thrilled to see her again too.  In fact, as far as we're concerned, Miss Kristen is now family.  We look forward to another great get-together in the summer when she moves back home from college.

Yes, we've been blessed, even spoiled, to have such amazing teachers for Lewie.  (Even his current teacher, Mrs. Kranz, has been bringing in her son's train toys, so Lewie can enjoy them during "Free Choice Friday.")  I am so happy Miss Kristen reached out to us last month.  Staying in contact with a teacher that's known my son since he was three is pretty special.   


  1. Yay for having such a sweet little boy :)

  2. It's always so validating when others seem to enjoy your child as much as you do!

  3. That is so sweet! He seems like a great little boy!


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