Six Days Until Spring...


I'll the beginning of January, I prayed for snow.  It was a little disappointing to have a brown barren Christmas.  Two weeks later, the snow started, and it never stopped.  I did some investigating to see if we broke any records this year, and it turns out that we did.

February 2015 has officially made its way into history as the coldest month in Connecticut.  The average record temperature for the month was a balmy 16.1 degrees.   (This beat out the former record set in 1932 of 16.5.) It also was 13 degrees colder than our usual 29 degree norm for February.

Although our state is buried in 50+ inches of snow, we did not set any records here.  Connecticut's record was set during the winter of 1995-1996 when the state averaged 115.2 inches of snow.  (Hmm...I was a Junior in college back think I would have remembered this winter.)

So, with all these very interesting facts, I only have one more very important detail on my mind--THE FIRST DAY OF SPRING IS ONLY SIX DAYS AWAY!

I am not complaining; the snow has been beautiful this year, and we've had many cozy snow days to cuddle up and stay home from school and work.  Still, at this time of year, the snow is crunchy, dirty, and hard.  Our last day of sledding was last week because instead of falling into white fluffy snow, we were skidding on ice trying to avoid "road rash."  It's time.  It's time to say goodbye to winter.  We want to go to the park; we want to go on the swings; we want to see the first sprouts of tulips, hyacinth, and daffodils.

We are READY!  Goodbye Winter 2015 with your -5 degree temperatures and your wind chill that makes it feel like -25!  We are ready for warm sun, gentle breezes, and soft rain showers.    You are not here yet (more snow showers on the way this weekend), but I expect you to come knocking next week.  Our door is wide open.

Our last day of sledding for 2015.


  1. That's so funny you don't remember the worst winter. You were too busy having fun no doubt! I'm ready for spring too. It has been nicer here the past few days. A welcome relief from snow and ice.

  2. Brrr! I hope spring comes barreling in next week with sunshine and warmer temps for you too. Snow can be so magical and pretty but I don't handle the prolonged cold very well.

  3. Damn that global warming! We've got record low temperatures in NJ constantly as well. I really really hope this winter is coming to an end but I just feel like we have one more winter storm left. I bought a bunch of sundresses yesterday so I mean... I'm clearly over this winter!

  4. It was a rough winter here, too. We got more snow than we usually do, and we had more single digit days. I am ready for Spring!!! I hope it comes quickly for you! XOXO


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