Lewie's Toothy Smile


Lewie started losing his baby teeth last year.  He likes to recall the stories:  "I lost one at the charging station when you were charging your car...Remember Mommy.  I lost the other one in Aunty ReRe's pool."

Yes, Lewie lost his two bottom teeth at rather inconvenient times--while charging my car (last April) and while going for a swim in Delaware (last July).  Unfortunately, the missing tooth in the pool episode was just that--a missing tooth.  We tried to find it on the bottom of the pool or in the pool filter basket but with no luck.  It was sad for both Lewie and me who wanted the tooth for obviously two different reasons.

Around Christmas time, Lewie started noticing that his top teeth were loose.  One shifted and started looking rather awkward in his mouth, but Lewie wasn't ready to part with it, so the ongoing joke was that Lewie had a crooked tooth.  My husband tried to "help" by brushing Lewie's teeth rather aggressively one night, and this loosened it a little more.

The next morning, Lewie woke up and decided this would be the day to part with his crooked tooth.  He told me he watched a Youtube video on how to loose a tooth, and he needed an apple to do the job.  I grabbed an apple wedge from the refrigerator and gave it to him.  After two bites, the tooth was out!  "When did you learn this?" I asked astounded.  "Mrs. Kranz let me watch a video at school," he said proudly.

See his "bubble beard."  Little Lewie is playing "Santa."

Amazing, I thought to myself.  This generation has access to some much more information than I ever did growing up.  Now-a-days, if you want a tutorial on how to do anything, it's as simple as clicking on Youtube. 

We love Lewie's toothy smile, but it sounds like the next tooth on top will be coming out soon too.  He's already been complaining that he can't bite into certain foods because his tooth hurts.  We have an apple wedge saved in the refrigerator just in case...  What is your favorite baby tooth story?


  1. He looks so cute! Well, I lost my first tooth in reading group in 1st grade, and was scared to death, so I told no one and threw the tooth away! LOL! I was pretty timid as a kid.

  2. Cute! What a big milestone. I love it when kids have that awkward toothless smile. Childhood at its finest.

  3. So adorable! I love the Santa beard! Little Chick has lost a lot of teeth. The last one she was worried about the tooth fairy getting to her safely because it was snowing outside. She started to talk in her sleep saying, "I hope you are safe in the snow". So cute! Lets plan on heading to Old Sturbridge Village together one day. That would be fun! We love it there. Miss you! We hope to see you soon. Hope everything is situated and stress free at home my friend. :-)

    Mama Hen


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