Mother's Day 2015


This year I had the joy of celebrating Mother's Day for an entire weekend instead of just for a day.  My celebration commenced on Friday afternoon when I had a chance to visit my son's "Mother's Day Party."  All six moms from Lewie's kindergarten class (there's only six children) were invited to attend, and I was lucky enough to get the time off from work.  It was so special to join him for lunch and be greeted with his special homemade card and plant.  (They potted the plants themselves.)

I must admit that I teared up at the end because all of the children didn't want to see their moms leave.  Lewie didn't want to see me leave either...  Oh, I still struggle with being a working mom...the guilt can be crushing at times...

On Saturday, I had the joy of spending the day with my mom on one of our famous bus trips.  We left at 7 a.m. to go to the Tulip Festival in Albany, NY, and there we had a chance to visit rows of craft booths and, of course, to see their famous tulips in Washington Park.  I learned from our tour guide that Albany plants over 150,000 tulip bulbs every fall with the goal of having them bloom just in time for Mother's Day.  At the end of the Tulip Festival, they dig up some of the bulbs and sell them the very next weekend.

I must admit that our day didn't disappoint.  The tulips were stunning, and I, for one, was really impressed by the variety.  I've tried planting tulips numerous times in our yard, but the deer love to eat them...

These tulips were aptly called "the blushing lady."

One of my favorite tulip displays.  The purple flowers around the tulips are grape hyacinth.

On Mother's Day, Little Lewie had a chance to deliver his gifts to both of his grandmothers--Ninny and Grammy.  Then, we took my mom out to dinner at the Hopkins Inn in Warren, CT.  Since we've come to the Inn for three years in a row on Mother's Day, it has officially become one of our traditions.  I must admit that taking my mom out to dinner here is just as much a treat to myself as it is to my mom.  The view of Lake Waramaug and the Hopkins Vineyard is just heavenly.  Oh, and the food isn't bad either...

Daddy and Lewie...

My mom, Lewie, and me

The view of Lake Waramaug from our seat on the patio.

The other view from our seat...

Taking a rest after dinner, but wait!  There's still dessert.

This weekend was very special as I had a chance to spend time with all of my loved ones.  I still can't believe this is my sixth celebration of being a mom; nothing in my life has been more enriching than taking care of this little boy and watching him grow into this amazing little person.  I feel blessed.


  1. Happy Mother's Day!!! It looks like yours was as near to perfect as it can get. All those flowers! So pretty! I need to get myself to one of those gardens one day. (Also, there is a Bliss, ID. You could move there too! j/k)

  2. A tulip festival sounds really fun! Glad you got to enjoy lunch w/ family too. The perfect way to celebrate!

  3. Oh my goodness, what a perfect weekend with your loved ones! You totally deserved it! And the tulip festival!! Gorgeous! I miss going to those! The desert landscaping here in Arizona isn't my fave... I hope it grows on me but I miss the greenery and flowers!

  4. It looks like you had a perfect weekend! Happy Mother's Day to you!!! XOXO


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