The Egg Hunt


Every year, we host an egg hunt for our beloved friends and family.  (This year was the third annual!)  I refrain from calling it an Easter Egg Hunt because it always happens weeks (if not an entire month) after Easter.  In most cases, we have it later in April with the hope of having warmer weather, but sometimes it's planned simply around everyone's very busy schedules.

This year the warm weather was not with us, but we dared to do the hunt and have an outside barbeque anyways.  As usual, the kids' enthusiasm made up for the 40 degree weather.  We had babies, toddlers, little kids, and adults searching high and low for eggs.  The eggs from the first hunt were filled with candy, and the eggs from the second hunt (in the front yard) contained numbers for prizes.  Each child won a prize, and one lucky girl (Lewie's cousin Sarah) won two prizes!

A hunting we will go...

Our "Queen" egg hunter...

Sarah - Our two prize winner!

Collin and daddy found the most eggs this year.

Counting eggs...

Getting ready for the final hunt in the front yard.

As usual, taking pictures was a challenge because no body wants to wait.  (A ten second photo means a missed opportunity to find several eggs.)  We have some very good egg hunters (Kirsten and Landon to name a few) that always find them very quickly.  In fact, Landon even found an old egg from last year; the candy didn't make it!

Lewie showing off his new toothless smile. (Both front teeth are missing.)

A mad dash for the prize eggs...

Lily--our littlest egg hunter.  She just turned one!

"Really, I can keep it?"

My two awesome friends from grammar and middle school...  We're talking about 30+ years of friendship.
After the visit was over, my husband and I congratulated each other on a job well done.  We weren't sure how we were going to pull it off this year with the bug fiasco.  (Most of our belongings are still in the garage, and the exterminator had to come out again this week!!!)  Still, I suppose when there's a will, there's a way.  We don't have many family traditions, so we have learned to cherish the few we have.  I look forward to more April Egg Hunts in the years to come and hope Lewie will remember them with fondness when he thinks of his childhood.

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  1. I think it's a great idea to wait until the weather is warmer to do the egg hunt!


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