Delaware Vacation 2015


Most of my family lives in Connecticut, but a few of them moved to Delaware back in the 90's.   Since this move, I usually make one trip per year to visit them--sometimes during Thanksgiving or other times during the summer. 

Little Lewie has been used to this visit too.  Since he was a baby, we would pile our things into their camper van and sleep there.  (It was the most convenient form of camping I knew!)  This year, however, was different.

Since my Uncle Terry passed away (now already a year ago), my aunt decided to sell the camper.  The upkeep was much too great for her, and quite honestly, she could use the money.  My son was heartbroken, but I told him we would make up for it by staying at a hotel near the beach (Rehoboth Beach to be exact.)  In the 25 years that I've made this trip, I never once went to any of Delaware's beaches, and as it turns out, boy was I missing out!

After a grueling eight-hour car ride through New York City and down the Jersey Turnpike, we finally arrived there late afternoon on Thursday.  We checked out the boardwalk (which is awesome at night), and then we made the decision to go to the Jungle Jim's Waterpark the very next day.  (The weather was HOT!!!)

Eating at the Purple Parrot Grill in Rehoboth Beach

Jungle Jim's Waterpark!

The next few days were spent at my aunt's house in her pool.  Lewie's cousin Frankie celebrated his 14th birthday (he was only five when he was the ring bearer in our wedding), and we had a few cookouts.

Little Lewie and his 14 year-old cousin, Frankie

Frankie and his mom, Janine
All in all, our little family reunion was similar to ones of the past.  The difference, of course, is that for a second year now, we missed the presence of our dear Uncle Terry, who certainly added character to our visits.  Although we didn't stay in the camper van, we LOVED staying in Rehoboth.  Lewie had a chance to ride a bicycle on the boardwalk for his very first time, and on another morning, my mom and I had a chance to venture out and go to all the cute little shops in the area. 

The trip, only five days (including travel), was short and sweet, but it brought just as many memories to cherish.  We're already looking forward to our trip next year, which most certainly will be in Rehoboth again.

Taking a rest...I can't wait until the day when both of us will be able to bike ride on the boardwalk together!

He really like his little bike.

Do you see the light house on top of the chimney?

This shop touted that they have more than 100 ice cream flavors... 
Some like Captain Crunch, Swedish Fish, Georgia Peach, and others....

We found this cute little French bakery that served the most awesome crepes!

Enjoying a yummy strawberry and Nutella crepe!

Lewie taking a bath in our room's Jacuzzi.



When I think of summer, I think of swimming pools, the beach, picnics in the park, cookouts,  amusement parks, carnivals, boardwalks, fireworks, cotton candy, and ice cream (just to name a few things).  While I haven't created a summer bucket list, per se, I do have an agenda in my head of all the special summertime things I would like our little family to accomplish before the colder weather sneaks up on us...

One of those agenda items was getting together with my two childhood friends and their families at Camp Chase!  About three years ago, my good friends Jen and Debbie introduced me to this wonderful YMCA day camp in their area (which is approximately an hour away from my home).  The camp facility has an extra large swimming pool with slide, a fun splash pad, a full playground (complete with a very long tube slide), skate board ramps, basketball courts, and two pavilion picnic areas.  (I've also recently learned that if you venture out on their nature trail, they have an archery area and a tree house full of books too.)

Fortunately, both of my friends and their families were available last Sunday for a good old fashioned cookout at Camp Chase.  We grilled the hotdogs and hamburgers, and they brought the yummy garden salad, pasta salad, drinks, and snacks.   I must say that the cookout was awesome.  After a fun day playing in the pool and splash pad area, we set up camp at the more "secret" pavilion near the woods, and the kiddos, accompanied by "Aunt Debbie," enjoyed a fun jaunt on the nature trail while we finished cooking the food. 

Afterwards, we ate until our hearts' content, played on the play ground, and then reluctantly said our goodbyes before the camp closed for the night.  In all, it was one of those days that made me glad for summer and glad for the relationship I have with my two good friends and their families.    Camp Chase is just one of those wonderful summer traditions (for three years now) that Little Lewie will be able to look back upon with fondness as part of his childhood.

The pavilion by the secret nature trail...