Birthday Pics (Age 7)


This year we celebrated Lewie's 7th birthday party a bit early...  (Since many of his friends are August babies, we wanted to beat the crowd, so to speak.)   We rented a pavilion down the street from us at Veteran's Memorial Park in Bethany, so all the kiddos could swim, play on the playground, and get their face painted.  (Our famous art and Spanish teacher, Miss Gabby, provided the face painting; Lewie was so happy to see her!)

This year, like last, I also asked for an ice-cream truck to come, so everyone could choose an ice-cream of their choice on us.  Kids and adults never tire of ice-cream trucks, so it was a win-win for sure. 

The day, as usual, went by in a heartbeat, but it was nice to reunite with family, old friends, and some new ones.  Some of Lewie's little friends at the party were his very first play-dates--starting at 18 months old.  It's funny to say that they've already been his friends for five years!  Other "newer" friends were from Lewie's kindergarten class this year.  Indeed, with only six students in his class, they all became very close to each other, and the party was like a mini-reunion for them.  There were lots of hugs and giggles from this crew to go around...

The famous ice-cream truck appearance--now in its second year.

Lewie's friend and classmate, Payton (and her mommy).

Aunty Karen

Lewie's Godfather -- "Uncle" Theron

Lewie's friend Ryan and his daddy.

Lewie, Elliot, and Wyatt (his friends starting at 18 months old)

Lewie's littlest cousin, Lily

Lewie in the ice-cream truck.

My boy with his Minecraft swords...

Can't believe he's 7 years' old!

Cousin Sarah

Cousin Brooklynn

Cousin Elijah

The talented Miss Gabby!

Lewie's classmate Evelyn and her mommy.

Clean faces after swimming.
It's sad to say goodbye to year six.  It was a fun year of transitions from Thomas the Train and Paw Patrol to Ironman and Minecraft.  Underneath this "big boy" exterior, however, he's still my same little boy who requests "fairy dust" to sleep at night and big hugs to wake him in the morning.  I feel incredibly blessed to say goodbye to a fun-filled, amazing year and to welcome a brand new one that will be just as wonderful.  As long as I have my little buddy with me, this coming year will certainly be as special as the last...


  1. Swimming, ice cream, and face paint sounds like the best party to me!!

  2. Minecraft is here too. That looks like a very fun party! Happy birthday!


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