The End of Summer?


This week, Lewie will begin school, and last week, the college I work for started up too.   Although Autumn doesn't begin until September 22nd, it always feels like the season is over right about now.  Maybe it's the cooler nights; maybe it's the leaves that are starting to change on some trees; or maybe it's just the fact that summer camp is over, and now's the time to be serious--early bedtimes, homework, parent-teacher conferences, PTO meetings...

I'm not mentally ready for the change; I'm not ready for the fall fairs that replace days at the beach, but here we are...  This post is my last tribute to summer.  It's been a busy one, so I'm combining some of my favorite pics from multiple weekend and weekday adventures.  All in all, I think we were able to cross off most if not everything I included on my summer bucket list.  Here were the most important ones:

1. Swim lessons.

Lewie took swim lessons at a wedding venue called the Colonial Tavern.  They own an outside swimming pool, and just through sheer luck, I learned that they offer very affordable, private, swim lessons for kids.  The pool is not heated, so they state that the swim season lasts for six weeks during the summer, but we were lucky and able to squeeze in eight lessons.

Lewie w/ his teacher, Miss Alexis.  (She's a nursing major in her junior year of college.)

2.  The Beach!

I love going to lakes the best, but there is something to be said for going to the beach and admiring the vast, beautiful, all-encompassing sea right in front of you.  This year we had a chance to see the beach in Tampa, FL and Rehoboth, DE.  In Connecticut, we went to Hammonasset and Rocky Neck State Parks.  Flying kites and enjoying yummy beach food, to us, is just as important as the actual beach experience.

Hubby getting his new hyper-kite ready...

These clouds don't even look real!!!

Waiting to eat at Rocky Neck State Park...  My kid is such a ham!


The boys finishing up their ice-cream treats!

Pretending to sunbathe.

3.  Unique Eateries.

During the summer, anytime that we decide to eat out, I'm always looking for cool places where we can sit outside.  Simply put...if a restaurant doesn't have a patio or deck, then I'm not interested (at least not when the weather's beautiful).  This year, we tried a unique eatery called "The Place."  They cook everything--from corn on the cob, to hot dogs, to steak, to lobster, to clams--all over an open fire pit, and their guests sit under a tent on tree stumps.  The food was delicious, and the restaurant was quite "the place."  It felt like we were invited to someone's backyard barbeque. 

4.  Amusement Parks!

This year we had the joy of going to LEGOLAND in Tampa, FL; Jungle Jim's in Rehoboth, DE; and our very own Lake Quassy Amusement Park here in Connecticut.  Lake Quassy has become an annual tradition for us, and each year it's fun to see what rides Lewie has outgrown and what ones are his favorite.  This year, the train ride and the Pirate Swing were his hands down favorite (going on each seven times in a row).  He liked others too, but with those, he was content to ride them just once.

All aboard the Quassy Express!

All aboard the Quassy Queen.

The Pirate Swing...AGAIN???

After taking a dip in Lake Quassy...
Yes, school starts tomorrow for Little Lewie...  I guess it's time to start making a fall bucket list; although, I'll still be daydreaming about the carefree days of summer!


  1. What a great summer! No wonder you are sad to see September!

  2. All the beaches we visited was definitely my favorite part of summer too! So sad that it's September :(


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