Canoeing Down the Farmington River


It's hard to believe that fall is officially here.  I started my fall bucket list this weekend, and I'm happy to report that I've already checked an item off the list - canoeing down the Farmington River. 

For the past two years, I've had the joy of making this canoe trip--first with my best friend and then with my husband.  Last year when my husband and I soaked in the sun while gently paddling through calm waters (that almost looked like a mirror reflecting all the yellow, green, and orange leaves), we vowed that it was time to take Little Lewie on our adventure. 

This year, we didn't break our pact.  Little Lewie proudly took the middle seat of the canoe while Mommy paddled in the front and Daddy took over the rear.  He was nervous at first: "Mommy watch out for that tree!  Watch out for that rock!"  (He gets this, of course, from living next door to a very cautious grandmother--my mom.)  However, fifteen minutes into our journey, the worry melted, and he seemed to enjoy looking down into the water and watching out for wildlife just the same as we did.

We've had a warm and dry September, so many of the leaves on the trees haven't changed yet.

After two and a half hours, our little ride down the Farmington River ended, and we drove to eat a yummy meal at a restaurant called Apricots.  I never ate at this restaurant before, but when I learned that it offered beautiful outdoor seating right next to the Farmington River, I knew it would be the perfect end to a perfect trip. 

The water level has been low this year.

Overall, Little Lewie had a great first canoe trip.  He learned how to paddle with us; although his arms were a little short to try and reach the water without leaning too much to one side.  (We all know what happens when we lean over too much in a canoe!)  After an hour, he was already asking Daddy for his cell phone so he could play Mine Craft; (I guess a canoe trip can get a little boring for a seven year-old.)  Still, there were no video games allowed.  Today was all about enjoying the great outdoors, and that's what we did!  What a perfect way to begin the fall.  So far, we're off to a great start!


  1. That sounds so fun! Everything is minecraft in our house too.

  2. What a fun tradition! I love all the pictures and I love all the time you spend together as a family! XOXO


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