First Day of First Grade


Last week was Lewie's first day of first grade and his first day at a brand new school.  (Last year, Lewie attended a private kindergarten called Surreybrook because our public school in town did not offer full-day kindergarten.)

During the summer, Lewie was nervous about attending a new school.  He never talked about it, and if someone would ask him if he was ready, he would say "no," and quickly change the subject.  I'll admit that I wasn't quite prepared either.  Going from a class size of 6 to 20 would definitely be an adjustment--so would the large school with its own cafeteria, gymnasium, library, computer room, music room, art room, playground and nurse's station.  (Surreybrook only had two places--a classroom inside and a classroom outside--a.k.a. nature's classroom).

On Lewie's first day, we decided he would take the bus in the morning at our neighbor's house and then I would follow him to school to help him find his classroom.  He was worried about going on the bus by himself (he wanted me to come with him), but I reminded him that I would be right at his school waiting when it was time for him to get off. 

I kept my promise.  I arrived five minutes earlier than the bus, and I was right there waving to him before he got off.  I'll admit that Lewie and me were both a little confused.  I took his hand, and we followed the steady stream of teachers, students, and classroom assistants as they all filtered into the gym. 

"What teacher do you have?" a friendly woman asked him as we moved into the gym.

With a little prompting on my part, Lewie finally answered, "Mrs. Bernard."

She led us to a table with other children from Mrs. Bernard's classroom, and there we waited.

The gym, of course, was full of noisy children from all grades (K-5), teachers, and classroom assistants.  Every now and then, it became even noisier when someone from the main office had to make an announcement over the intercom.  Lewie looked petrified, but his teacher was very sweet to him, and little by little, he recognized a few of the school children.  One first-grader (Payton) was from his classroom at Surreybrook and two others (twins Justin and Aidan) were from his preschool at Explorers.

After 15 minutes of waiting at his table, I decided to leave.  Other parents were leaving, and I could tell that Lewie was getting more and more worked up at the prospect that I would be leaving too.  I made sure to notify his teacher, and she helped console Lewie as he cried for me to stay.  I quickly rushed out of the gym as I couldn't let him see me cry too.

Lewie's first day of first grade was emotional for sure, but overall, it was a good experience.  Lewie's teacher sent me an email during her lunch break to let me know that he was adjusting just fine, and when my mom picked him up at the end of the day, he reported that his new school was "GREAT." 

Lewie still doesn't like the bus ride to school (getting tearful about leaving home when it stops to pick him up), but we'll see what happens in a few more days/weeks.  Lewie is now officially a first grader at Laurel Ledge School (the very same school I attended from 1980 - 1985).  Here's to the start of a "passed down tradition." 

Lewie and his two little neighbors (one in fifth and one in kindergarten).

My little boy is growing up!


  1. So glad he had a great first day. What a sweet boy, poor thing was so nervous!

  2. Such cute pictures. I hope he has a great year!

  3. How cute you followed the school bus!!! I can't imagine how I'll feel on my daughter's first day of first grade!!! I'm glad he recognized some other kids :) I hope everything continues to go as well, good luck!

  4. Have a great year, Lewie!
    He's such an awesome kid!


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