Fall Festivities


Over the past month, our family has been doing as much as we can to make every moment count.  We LOVE the fall, and we also know that the colder weather on its way is going to make for some very short brisk days when we're buried inside.  I'm still not happy about turning the clocks back this weekend!

This fall, we made sure to enjoy the great outdoors.  We made time for hikes, hayrides, pumpkin picking, a train ride, a bonfire, and a trip to Vermont to sample some cheese and wine.  Yum!  I must say that this season did not disappoint, and I'm still enjoying the glorious views around the state since it feels like we're just hitting "peak weekend" when it comes to the beautiful fall foliage.

Hiking at White Memorial Preserve.  Can you tell it's only the beginning of Sept. here?

A hayride w/ a best bud from last year's kindergarten.

Sitting on the hay is not as easy as it looks!

The pumpkin patch at the "upper level" of March Farm.

The "lower level" patch.

My boy is getting taller.  He's not growing like a weed.  He's growing like corn!

A fall train ride w/ besties.

Oh no!  Not enough faces for the kids!

Of course, Lewie wants to be Snoopy!

The kids couldn't get enough of this simple hay maze.  They were chasing each other pretending they were Pac-Man.

A night hayride w/ the Cub Scouts.

We made the Cub Scouts hayride into our own date (with 30 kids that is)!

A bonfire initiation.

The Grafton Village Cheese Co. in Vermont

Sampling the cheeses.

The cheese "factory."  The production is closed on Sundays.


A Vermont inn and ski lodge.

The pub at the inn.

Who would have expected the inn to have a camel?

The inn's restaurant area.
Views of the Honora Winery and Vineyard in Southern, VT.

My beautiful mom!


The Fall is going by quickly but at least I've captured the best of it in pictures.  This weekend, of course, will provide more memories--especially of Halloween.  We've got some cool costumes this year, and (hint) Lewie did not choose a train theme as he has in the past.


  1. I love all the pictures! XOXO It looks like your family had so much fun last month!

  2. You all have been busy! No, sitting on hay is not easy or comfortable.


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