Elf on the Shelf Mishaps and Other Fun Holiday Happenings



Let me start this post by saying, I wish I was creative.  I can spend hours on blogs, Pinterest, and other places trying to find crafty ideas for the holidays (which I admire incredibly), but when it comes time for me to actually make something (or help my son make something), the pictures of my masterpieces are more likely to be found under the meme or category of NAILED IT! before they would ever be considered Martha Stewart worthy.  Simply put, I lack both the creativity and the artist gene in a big way.  I do my best not to get jealous of other people's talents, but hey, I'm human, and the one thing social media is really good at is making the rest of us non-artist, non-baking types feel well, a little bit left out.  But, I digress..

For the most part, I have reconciled with my feelings of inadequacy.  Instead, I have found my solace in laughter, and so here it is...some of my "less-than" moments this holiday.

1.  The Elf on the Shelf did not make his appearance after Thanksgiving.  My son came home from school one day and pointedly asked, "Where's Tootie?" (The name of our elf.)  "All my friends at school said their elves have come to see them.  Mine's not here!!"  (Evidently, some elves are even bringing candy--I guess the kids are taking notes during lunch break.)

2.  In horror of failing as a parent, I called on Tootie, and the magical elf did make his appearance (about a week late).  He sat on our living room bookshelf, but Little Lewie didn't notice him.  Tootie then moved our animated Christmas Polar Bear, but nope, he wasn't recognized there either.  I thought it would be too obvious to say, "Hey, look, Tootie's back!"  So, I went with option number three...

3)  After helping Lewie decorate the little Christmas tree in his room, Tootie made an appearance right above the tree.  He'd certainly be recognized this time.  "Lewie, come look at the lights on your tree," I said with excitement.  Lewie took one look and said, "Tootie's here!"  There was excitement, a smile, and even some jumping.  As we walked downstairs to do some homework, Lewie looked at me and said, "Mommy, can I sleep with you tonight?  I don't want to sleep with Tootie in my room.  He's a little scary."

4)  Since Tootie went from a cute elf to a creepy one in a mere 30 seconds, I called on Daddy's magic to help us.  "While we work on homework, can you help Tootie move to another room?" I asked desperately.  Daddy's magic had worked.  Tootie had left Lewie's bedroom for the night, which made one little boy feel much better.  But, where then, did Tootie go?  Of course, Lewie had to find him to make sure he wasn't in his bedroom anymore.  After scavenging the house, Lewie announced, "There he is."  Daddy's magic led Tootie right over the bathroom light fixture facing the toilet.  Great, I thought, Tootie has now gone from a creepy elf to a "Peeping Tom."

5)  Tootie, the elf, has been a little lazy.  After the creepy and Peeping Tom episode, Tootie has been hesitant to move too much.  I have considered having Tootie make one last grand appearance before Christmas and have summoned my favorite bloggers for help.  This idea, which I love, comes from http://pickleheadsoup.blogspot.com/.  Actually, I love all the Elf on the Shelf ideas in this blog!

Elf ideas...some new ideas I haven't seen yet:
I end this blog post with some pictures of my son's first gingerbread house.  Again, our crafts will never make the front page of Good Housekeeping, but they will make a post in this blog. 

What are some funny or proud holiday happenings
in your little corner?

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  1. Our elf showed up wearing a minecraft creeper head which was a big hit. I have heard there are printable on Pinterest ;-). For next year!


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