A Mild Winter?


In just one more day, it will be Groundhog Day--time to see if we're having an early spring or another six weeks of winter.  Last year, Connecticut's groundhog, Chuckles, predicted six more weeks of winter, and he couldn't have been more accurate.  February and even some of March were a snowy abyss.  We were buried in feet of snow, and it felt as if we had a 'snow day' from school and work every other day.

This year, the tide may have turned.  December was rather warm with some 40, 50, and even 60 degree days.  January has been equally warmer than usual.  We had a snowstorm, part of the January 2016 Blizzard, which crippled many Southern states including South Carolina, Arkansas, Delaware, Maryland, etc.  However, amazingly, our little state was spared.  In comparison to last year's feet of snow, getting seven inches last weekend felt like nothing. 

In all honesty, it was my kind of snowstorm.  The snow started on a Saturday (allowing us to stay indoors all day without having to drive anywhere), and it ended on Saturday evening.  On Sunday, we woke up to a beautiful batch of pure white fluffy snow, glistening under a warm sun.  Shoveling snow was easy, and then we were off to some good old fashioned sledding, again having the joy of feeling tingly and warm from the sun.

Lewie helping us shovel!  He was quite the helper this year!

Our street after the snow storm.

Looking down on our house from the street. (My mom lives on one side, and we live on the other.)

Lewie trying out his new snow tube from Santa.

Today, I'm beginning the month of February wondering what other snow adventures (or non-snow adventures) we have ahead.  I'm planning on taking some days off to be with my little boy, so we can get ready for Valentine's Day and plan our little surprises for RAK (Random Acts of Kindness) Week.  There will be lots of yummy baking in our future.  Can't wait!

Happy February!


  1. I love the snow pictures! We're having a very mild winter, too. I'm happy about that! We actually live about an hour away from Punxsutawney, but we've never attended the Groundhog's Day celebration. From what I hear, it's just a reason for people to drink!

  2. I love how you plan fun stuff for February. I usually just whine about how much longer until spring ;-)

  3. Such awesome snow pictures!! Love how you guys make the most of it!


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