Lewie-isms - Age 7


I started this blog when Lewie was only a year old; now he's seven.  Time is going by faster, it seems, with each year.  There are days when I literally wish I could freeze time. 

Lewie - 18 months old

Lewie - Seven
I remember when I was seven years-old.  I loved going outside on the swings in my backyard, playing with Barbie Dolls, and going to tap-dance lessons each week.  I didn't like school.  I didn't like my teachers, and I'm pretty sure I was behind in both math and reading.  My parents divorced when I was five, so there was still an empty feeling inside our house too.  I became my mom's buddy, and in my mind, school kept me from being with her.  (By then, I was also a master conniver--I knew how to play sick in the nurse's office, so I could go home!)

I look at Lewie now and often wonder how his life is different from mine.  He loves the swings (and his trampoline) but would prefer to play video games all day if I don't force him to go outside.  He loves swimming, roller skating, playing with LEGOS and computers; he recently asked me how to use PowerPoint, and he's good at it.  He doesn't like school.  He very wisely tells me how our weekends should be three days or four days long.  Like me, he's a little behind in his reading, but unlike me, his math skills are excellent.  He's also quite the conversationalist.

Only three short years ago, I was worried that Lewie might have a speech impediment; now talking, quite honestly, is what my little boy does best!  Here are some of my favorite "Lewie-isms" at age 7.

-"To be honest to you..."  (Instead of saying with you, he says to you.  Ex.  "To be honest to you, I really like this Iron Man Super Suit." )

-"Well actually...basically...apparently..."  (I don't believe I used any of these words until I was in college, but Lewie uses them all the time.  Ex.  Well apparently, Mine Craft has a new mod where the animals can talk.")

-"That is interesting to me." - Interesting is pronounced "in-tres-ing."

-"I'm sad.  It's a Monday.  Why can't there be more weekend days?"

-"Mommy, can you go to CCD with me?  It's too much like school."

-"I never have time for videos."

-"Mommy, don't ever sell Tigey!"  (Tigey is his stuffed animal tiger that goes to bed with him at night.)

-"Why can't I sleep in bed with you and Daddy?"

-"Mommy, can we talk more about heaven?"  (Lewie is still sad about losing our dear Papa in September.  We talk about God, heaven, and angels.  I'm not sure what I said, but now Lewie has told me he wants to be an angel because they have superpowers.)

-"Mommy, I think God sent me to earth to help people."  (My son has become quite the spiritual seven year-old.)

One of my favorite moments happened a few weeks ago.  I had to be away for a weekend (our College is searching for a new President, and I was on the screening committee).  When I came home, Lewie asked to sleep in bed with me.  Before we fell asleep, he whispered, "Mommy, I just want to stare at your face all night long."  I jokingly told my husband that Lewie is the now the new "romantic" in the house. 

Here's to wishing I could freeze this age for another few years...  Thankfully, Lewie won't be eight until August.


  1. Oh my goodness, look at little Lewie! XOXO
    The first three are the best, but the last one melted my heart!


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