Our experience with the Cub Scouts this year, so far, has been extraordinary.  Lewie has learned so much about life and being a model citizen, and I hope as he continues year after year, he'll remember all of these important values.  Last fall, he did his first community service project as he "scouted" for food.  This spring, so far, he learned...

1)  Outdoor Ethics - During a recent walking stick ceremony (in April), Lewie earned his walking stick and went on his first real hike (about four miles).  He learned all about being careful with fire, showing consideration of others while camping/hiking, and following the principles of "Leave No Trace" and "Tread Lightly" when it comes to picking up after ourselves and being gentle with the earth.

The scouts brought a trash bag with them in case they saw any litter that needed to be picked up, and the Cub Scout Master pointed out ways our hikers could enjoy the environment with the least amount of physical disturbance to the plants and animals...

2)  Grow Something - In this "adventure," Lewie learned how plants grow and how to tend a garden.  I offered to have the den meeting at my house, and together, the three "Wolves" with their moms planted seeds, made a terrarium, and then started growing a sweet potato plant.

The scouts enjoyed making their terrariums the most.  They first had to put small rocks on the bottom of their glass cookie jar, followed by activated charcoal (to keep the container from growing mildew), and then potting soil.    The boys chose their plants (I bought about four different kinds), and after planting them, I let them choose their own special rock to put inside the terrarium for decoration.  (The rocks actually came from my own collection that I started as a kid.  My mom saved them in a glass jar in our furnace room!)

3)  Reverence, Honor, and Patriotism -  On Memorial Day, Lewie attended his first flag ceremony and had a chance to personally thank all the veterans in our town.  (One veteran recently celebrated his 100th birthday.)  For the first time, Lewie learned that Memorial Day is much more than just a day for parades and family picnics.  He learned it's a time to pay tribute to those who have served and died for our country. 

Yes, I'm pleased with the values Lewie is learning in scouting.  It's definitely one of the best decisions I've made this school year.  Growing up to be a responsible, trustworthy, helpful, and kind adult is priceless.


  1. Looks like he is getting a lot from the program!

  2. Looks like your scout group does so many fun and interesting things! He is probably making friends he will have for a lifetime from scouts!

  3. Oh I love this! I'm sure my boys will love cub scouts once they are old enough!

  4. I'm so glad it has been such a great experience for him! XOXO


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