First Bike Adventure with Little Lewie


A few days ago, we went on our annual Delaware trip to visit family.  (It's more like a long four-day weekend, than a full vacation.)  We stayed in Rehoboth Beach, and just like last year, I eagerly awaited the opportunity to ride our bicycles on the boardwalk. 

Last summer, I requested a small bike with training wheels for Little Lewie, and I ran after him on the boardwalk trying to make sure he did his best to avoid any collisions with people, other bikers, etc.  It was fun, but it was a lot of pedaling for Little Lewie, and his excitement was worn away by sheer exhaustion.  In the end, I think I had more fun following him taking pictures than he did riding.

This year, thank goodness, was different.  I worked with Little Lewie this spring to help him learn to ride his bike without training wheels, and so he was eager also to test his new skill on the boardwalk.  We rented a bike he felt comfortable with, and then I rented a three-speed bicycle for myself.   The lady working at the bike rental shop gave me a map of the Rehoboth Beach area and showed me trails and backroads we could explore.  "The boardwalk is tough for young riders because there's so much traffic.  He'd be better off going on the backroads with you where there's very little cars or people," she advised.

I thought about it for a moment and decided she was right.  We both had bicycles now; why not take them out for a true bike adventure?  We followed Surf Avenue on the coast, which led us right into Henlopen Acres (a beautiful seaside community filled with multimillion dollar homes).  In Connecticut, such a place would have been labeled as a "private community" where outsiders are not welcome, but not here!  The very quiet roads and tall trees provided a park-like setting, and so we had a blast exploring the area, and I didn't have to worry about Little Lewie getting into any accidents.  Even more, the tall trees provided shade--which is not like the very hot, unprotected boardwalk.

This employee at the bike rental shop has the same name as Lewie.  Little Lewie really wanted a picture with him.  I think he reminds him of Lew, Sr. (our beloved Papa who past away last September)

We ended our second adventure with a cup of Rocky Road ice-cream--my favorite!

Little Lewie and I LOVED our bike adventure.  In fact, we loved it so much, we came back for a second time and explored new roads inside the community.  The folks at the bike rental place didn't even charge us for a second day's rental; they were so nice!

In April as I coaxed Lewie to push his bike without training wheels and practice gliding, I was daydreaming of a day when we could go riding and exploring together.  Little did I know we would have our first bike outing two months later!  We're on a "roll" now (no pun intended); I'm ready to begin planning some more--and Lewie, well he can't wait too.  He told me he loves "exploring."


  1. My dear friend, how are you? Ive missed blogging and keeping up with everything. I spent the last couple years away from technology as much as I could - needed some breathing room. But I have missed talking with you!! Call me and we can make a plan to get together this summer. Take a look at how big Little Lewie has gotten!! Wow! Great job on the bike buddy! Sounds like you had a great time on your trip. Rocky Road ice cream sounds good right now. ;)I hope you are doing well. Lets get in touch with one another and make a plan. Miss you!

  2. Annette, I cant wait to see you! Lets plan something fun with the kids and also a nice dinner out so we can catch up. So much to tell you my friend. For starters I lost 65 pounds! I feel so much better! :-) Finally back to myself. Lets plan something soon. We return from New Hampshire tomorrow late afternoon. Big hug to you!

  3. How awesome that he went without the training wheels this year! I lived in Delaware for two years, and his post has me missing the beaches so much!

  4. So sweet! I haven't been by in a long time (haven't been reading blogs too often or writing either!) but what a nice suprise to see you active blogging and how big 'little' Lewie is.

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  5. How exciting! I have fond memories of bike adventures at the beach with my parents when I was a kid.


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