Summer Camp


Lewie started his first day of summer camp yesterday.  This year, instead of staying at Surreybrook (where he attended private kindergarten last year), he moved up with the "big" kids.  I decided to send him to Camp 565 at Chase Collegiate School (a private school for kindergarten up to twelfth grade).

We can't afford Chase during the school year, but their summer program, as it turns out, is very affordable.  I liked the school because of the low camper to camp counselor ratio (4 to 1) and because it provides a variety of fun activities--arts and crafts, cooking, theater, games, tennis, field trips, water play, music, and dancing.  Since Lewie, at age 7, is still discovering his likes and dislikes, I figure, why not expose it all to him?  Then I'll know what type of extra curricular activities he might want to pursue during the school year.

So far, day one was a success.  As much as he moped about going to camp because it would take him away from his beloved home and his computer, he came home singing a new tune.  As it turns out, he liked EVERYTHING.  A counselor nicknamed him "Lewie Proskills," a word that Lewie, evidently, made up himself.  His main counselor, Travis, is a senior at UCONN studying counseling and family therapy.  He loves acting, having performed in a variety of local theater productions, and he's a huge Harry Potter fan.  (I decided that I will start reading the books to Lewie this summer.)

So far, we're off to a good start...  Below are pictures his camp sent to us of the first day.  (We all signed a media release to allow our children's images to be posted.)

The Counselors at Camp 565--Travis, Lewie's Counselor, is on the bottom right.

My mom, Grammy, walking Lewie in on his first day...

The Chase Collegiate Campus...

Water Limbo

A kick-line?  I'm not sure Lewie is ready for the Rockettes.

The counselors are showing us how it's done!


  1. Glad he had a great time. Was it day camp or did it have overnights?

  2. Fun! Fun! Fun! That is wonderful that Little Lewie loved camp! Look at him in that kick line. Great kick Lewie! That is great that he will enjoy going to camp this summer. A huge relief for you. I hope we can get together soon my friend! Have a wonderful 4th of July weekend!

  3. Happy 4th my dear friend! :-) I hope you all had a super time! Big hug and hope you are doing great! Sent you the invite.

  4. Wow beautiful grounds! What a fun camo for summer.


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