Lewie Turns 8!


Lewie turned 8 on August, 11, 2016, and we're still celebrating.  Per request, I took his special day off from work, and together, we had an exciting day of SPUD, Pickle, kickball, meditation, and trains. Let me explain...

At 9 a.m., Lewie usually goes to Camp 565 on weekdays during the summer.  Since this was his last week of camp, he didn't want to miss the entire day, so he asked me to join him.  With permission, I was allowed to join him for an exciting two hours of "sports" followed by an hour of meditation. (Yes, picture children ages 6-12 meditating...what you envision is exactly what it was like--lots of squirmy little ones who couldn't stop moving and making noise!)

Lewis is affectionately named by his counselor, Travis, "Lewie Pro Skills," and so a birthday crown was made in his honor.  I was addressed as Mrs. Pro Skills, and Lewie was given a Birthday Crowning (Coronation) as he entered the building;  all his little friends surprised him as they jumped out of hiding and yelled "Happy Birthday Lewie Pro Skills!"  He was very excited.

Of course, the day became more exciting as I was allowed to play games like SPUD and kickball with Lewie.  I never liked "gym" much as a child, but as a 40 year-old, it was AWESOME.  I had such a great time playing with the kids, and since the counselors make it about having fun (or playing for "funzies") without the competition, I couldn't stop laughing.

Meditation made me laugh even harder.  Upon teaching us breathing and calming techniques, Travis the counselor announced, "Meditate for one hour per day like me, and you'll be the epitome of chill." I elbowed Lewie.  "See what meditation can do for you?"

We left camp at lunchtime because I still promised Lewie a day at the Danbury Railway Museum followed by a visit with  Daddy at High Watch.   Going to the Danbury Railway Museum felt like a blast from the past.  Our last visit there has to be two and a half years ago when Lewie was only 5. We had a membership that lapsed because Lewie seemed to be interested in new things--computers, Minecraft, LEGOS, the Avengers...  So when Lewie requested that we go back to the museum for his birthday, I was blown away.  "Back to the Danbury Railway Museum?" I asked, "Are you sure?"

"Yes, I miss it.  I want to see the trains again.  I LOVE trains!" he proclaimed.

The museum's displays and gift shop were still very much the same, but it did look like they collected a few more train cars (most likely from junkyards) to refurbish.  The Metro North Train pulled up to the station, so the engineers could change shifts, so this was certainly a highlight, too.

After several hours, we left the museum, to make a quick visit to see Daddy.  We had dinner and ice cream together, and then we came home...  The day may have ended after dinner, but Lewie's birthday celebration is still continuing.  I took more time off from work, so we can continue celebrating with friends and family through small get-togethers and play-dates.  The magic number 8 only happens once--I'm going to make sure this year is one to remember just like any of the others. Childhood is truly a gift in itself.

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