My Sister-in-Law's Wedding...


On a warm, sunny, October afternoon (Oct. 16th to be exact), my sister-in-law, Missy, was married to her long-time boyfriend, Moises.  Moises has felt like part of our family for a long time.  Little Lewie has known Moises as Uncle Moises for the past seven years, and Missy and Moises's children, two from previous relationships and two from their own relationship, have been Lewie's closest cousins. (They all live in our same little town.)

I have to say the wedding was perfect.  Not only did the couple have a beautiful fall day (sunny in the upper 60's with not rain in sight), but they were married at one of my favorite places.  In fact, eleven years ago, I was considering this very same place for OUR WEDDING.  I loved the venue because it's in the country near a lake and offers tent weddings.  Unfortunately, I was outvoted.  My mother, father, and husband-to-be all agreed that it was too far away.  (I guess they were right; it would have taken our guests anywhere from one to two hours to get there.)

Still, I made my husband-to-be stay overnight there in 2005, and we enjoyed spending a weekend in the country, where I could spy on a wedding just to see what it was like.  Little did I know that eleven years later, my sister-in-law would be choosing this venue, and I would be able to attend a real Interlaken Inn wedding (without the spying)...

Anyways... here is kind of what our wedding would have looked like ten years ago  (except Little Lewie and all of his little cousins wouldn't have been though of yet ...)

My handsome little boy with his first tie.

Lewie and Grammy waiting for the ceremony to begin...

My brother-in-law, Moises

Lewie's two littlest cousins, Brooklyn and Lily

Lewie's eldest cousin, Sarah

My husband walked Missy down the aisle.  (We lost Papa in Sept. 2015.)

Daddy, Ninny, Lewie, and Little Elijah


Wedding Owls...

All the cousins...

My favorite picture of Sarah and Little Lewie

Antonio and Little Lewie

Little Lewie took this picture of us...

Little Lewie tore up the dance floor...

My mom taught Lewie how to disco!
This wedding left me with a glow all month long; in fact, it will be long remembered.  My sister-in-law had been waiting a lifetime for this day (having joked that her wedding was scheduled for Nevuary), and now this adorable little family, not just the happy couple, are all united.  It truly was one big love fest at one of my favorite places in the world.  What a happy, happy day for all!


  1. Looks like such a beautiful setting for a fall wedding with the pretty leaves in the background.

  2. What a happy day! Everyone looks so festive and beautiful. A day to always remember :-) I wish them much joy and love in their marriage.


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