A Plants Vs. Zombies Halloween (The Peashooter, Sunflower, and Mad Zombie Scientist)


In August, Lewie received Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare for a birthday present.  We didn't know anything about the game, but his little friend, Piper, adored it.  "Do you have Xbox One?" Piper's mom asked me in a text.  "I know the perfect game for him.  He's going to love it."

Well, two days later, Lewie tried the game for the first time and instantly became hooked.  He became partial to the "Plants" team; they had the most interesting characters like the Peashooter, the Sunflower, the Chomper, and the Cactus.  Once he started accumulating points, the game became more interesting because Lewie could start "customizing" his characters.  He could be a "fire" or an "atomic" peashooter with special abilities like the "Chili Bean Bomb." 

Anytime I was asked to play (which is not often because I stink), I would choose the Sunflower character.  She has special "healing abilities," where she uses a "beam" to heal and revive nearby plants that are hurt by the zombies.  Lewie started being a Sunflower fan too.

So, in September, when I asked Lewie what he wanted to be for Halloween, I was not surprised to hear he wanted to be one of the Plants vs. Zombies characters.  In particular, he wanted all three of us (Mommy, Daddy, and him) to be Sunflowers.  Thinking about his friends at school, Daddy and I quickly offered new suggestions.  "Maybe each of us can be a different character," offered Daddy,  "Let Mommy be the Sunflower, you can be a Chomper or Peashooter, and I can be one of the meanie Zombies."  A plan was born...

Lewie trying on his Peashooter costume for the first time...

Our darling Peashooter... Can you see his little face through the snout?

Daddy as the Mad Zombie Scientist.

My Sunflower Costume.  I like being the "healing" plant.

A picture of us at my mom's place of work.

Quite honestly, in hindsight, I don't know how we pulled everything off.  I thought with the game being so popular there would be tons of Plants vs. Zombies costumes.  I was sadly mistaken.

Lew's was the easiest because we bought a concoction of different items on Amazon--a doctor's lab coat, a red and white striped tie, black welding cup goggles, a white wig, and yellow rubber gloves.  My plant costume was only available in England through eBay--yes, I had to pay the shipping expense!  And Little Lewie...well his costume had to come from AliExpress (China's version of Amazon).  It took 24 days for shipping.  If I were creative and had free time, I would have attempted to make our own Peashooter and Sunflower costume, but I lack both...Good thing everything arrived in time for Halloween!

Before heading out for the evening, we made our annual visit to my mom's work place.  This year, it seemed like everyone in her office joined in the costume festivities.  Then, we met up with cousins for treat-or-treating, candy, and even a haunted house visit. (Our volunteer fire department set up a small haunted trailer; they even set up a coffee and hot chocolate station for cold trick-or-treaters.) 

Little Lewie and my mom as Santa's Elf.

Little Lewie and his cousin Sarah.

Lewie's littlest cousin, Lily.

Hubby with his ray gun.

Cousin Brooklyn.

Aunty Missy, the newlywed.

Some of the gang.

This year was definitely fun, but so far, all of our Halloweens have been great.  I hope Little Lewie continues to pick themes where Mommy and Daddy can dress up too.


  1. Gah, your costumes are amazing! I love them!

  2. Well your costumes were worth all the hassle - you all look amazing!


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