Our First and Last Winter Adventure


This year's winter cycle was a little unpredictable--snow one day then rain the next.  The constant mild temperatures in between the "snow storms" kept us from being able to go outside to sled, make snow angels, etc. etc .

Finally, just before February vacation, we were hit with about 13 inches of snow that actually lasted for a few days.  We had to act fast because 60 degree temperatures were slated for the weekend.  I took Lewie sledding on a Saturday morning (at our usual spot) before the snow went into a major melt-down.  Then, on Monday, we drove an hour an a half to a ski resort where they make their own snow, so we could get one day in of snow tubing.  It was both our first and our last day to enjoy the winter.

After a day of sledding on Saturday at our "usual" place, we all decided to go snow tubing at a real ski resort on Monday. Thank goodness they were still making snow!  The snow tubing was a little icy in some areas since temperatures were well into the 50's....

Snow Tubing at Ski Butternut in Great Barrington, MA

Can you see the "icy" look to the snow?  The snow tubing was FAST!

We had a lot of time to take pictures since it seemed that everyone chose to go snow tubing
during the long holiday weekend.

Ready, set, go!!!

Having a bite to eat and a bathroom break before heading home....

I am so glad we were able to get some snow tubing in during Lewie's shortened February vacation.  It was our first time traveling to Ski Butternut in Great Barrington, MA,, and the ride was absolutely gorgeous--no traffic, just miles and miles of beautiful woods and farmland.  We had so much fun, we made a promise to ourselves to go every year.

Now, only a week later, (with 70 degree temperatures) there is no snow left in sight.  It appears that spring is just around the corner.

Random Acts of Kindness Week


Last week was BUSY.  Little Lewie and I made s'mores Valentines for his classmates ("I wish I had s'more friends like you.")  Then we were baking cookies and creating Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) packages for our friends.  Since our friends live in all different parts of the state, we had a little bit of traveling to do, so our last package wasn't delivered until yesterday.

Little Lewie and I started celebrating Random Acts of Kindness Week when he was four.  Similar to now, he would help me bake cookies, put packages together, and then come with me on deliveries.  I thought it was a good tradition to start, and now I'm committed to it for life.  The goal was to teach Lewie to think about others.  It was meant to show him how a little bit of kindness can have a lasting impact.  It was also meant to teach him that the secret to our own happiness often rests in how we treat others.

By now, my friends usually anticipate something will be coming to their home during the month of February.  Even if it's not a surprise, I still hope the gesture adds some sunshine to their day.  Since life is short, we might as well make it short and SWEET.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day and a great RAK week too.   "No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted."--Aesop

The Kid Behind the Blog - February Edition


February is one of my favorite months. With Valentine's Day, Random Acts of Kindness Week, and February vacation coming up quickly, there's a lot to celebrate.  Ultimately, it's a month about spreading love and kindness, and since Random Acts of Kindness Day falls right during Lewie's vacation (Feb. 17th), I'm looking forward to skipping work, so I can stay home with Lewie to bake cookies, create little "care" packages, and spread some cheer to friends and family.

Last month, I participated in "The Kids Behind the Blog" link-up hosted by Secrets of a SAHM, Hall Around Texas, Wife Mommy Me,  The Adventure Starts Here, and  Our Pretty Little Girls.  I love the concept.  Each month, I "interview" my son and share his comments with other moms.  At age eight, I know Lewie might be older than some of the other little ones that are interviewed, but his comments are still just as precious and innocent...

Here are the two "loves" of my life...

What does the word love mean to you?

"It means someone who is very close to you.  I love you (Mommy), Daddy, Grammy, Sarah, Ninny, Papa (who is deceased), my aunts, Uncle Moises, and Lily and Brooklyn--well kind-of."  (He loves his younger cousins Lily and Brooklyn, but he has more of a sibling relationship with them!)  "I mentioned pretty much everybody, right?"

Kids choice!  How do you want to spend Valentine's Day?
"With Sarah giving gifts and playing Xbox."  (Sarah is Lewie's "older cousin."  He looks up to her like a big sister.)

Do you have a Valentine?  If so, who?
"No, I don't."  (At this point, I ask Lewie if I can be his Valentine.  He answers, "Well, you're my mom, so you kind of already are.")

How many days are in the month of February?
He runs to the calendar and announces, "thirty-one."  (I think he may have been looking at January...)

How do you show someone you love them?
"I have no idea.  Hold on...  By hugging them!"

I'm looking forward to linking up again with Beth of Our Pretty Little Girls on March 8th. Her February linkup is here:  http://ourprettylittlegirls.com/2017/02/kids-behind-blog-february-2017.html/