The Kid Behind the Blog - March Edition


I can't believe March is here and in full force too.  We just finished celebrating Dr. Seuss week; next week is Lewie's science fair, followed by St. Patrick's Day;  and then the week after that, we have birthday parties along with a special surprise--Lewie will have the chance to meet his favorite YouTuber at the Oakdale Theater--Dan TDM.  Tickets weren't cheap, so I'm letting this special day be one for Little Lewie and Daddy.

I have a difficult time staying positive during the month of March.  For one, March taunts us with its weather.  One day we can have a beautiful, springlike, 60 degree day; the very next day, the temperature can easily switch back to the teens.  This week has been cold, windy, and, the entire family caught a cold--one that is likely to stay around for a few weeks.  We're tired, and this year, the month has no school holidays or vacation days.  It's just one long month of patiently waiting for spring and needed vacation time.  Still, there's a light at the end of the tunnel, or in this case, a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  By the end of the month, hopefully, there should be signs of daffodils and tulips; the days will be longer, and the birds are back too.

My son, at age eight, is too little to have developed an opinion of March just yet.  For him, I stay positive, reminding him that Easter is right around the corner as well as April vacation.  I've decided to participate in the "Kids Behind the Blog" linkup again, so here are my son's responses to some questions on St. Patrick's Day, spring, and all things March...

This was Lewie and his leprechaun trap last year...  This year, I think we'll be focusing more on the science fair.

What's at the end of a rainbow?
"A pot of gold" (pause) "That's all I can think of."

What do you like to do when it rains? Jump in puddles or stay inside?
"Play inside because I still get exercise."
I then ask, "How do you exercise indoors?"
He responds, "I jump around so excited to play Minecraft and Star Wars Battlefront."
(He's right; he doesn't sit and play his games.  This kid is animated and lively when he plays. He actively jumps around the living room, talking to or about the game.  I think, personally, he's pretending to be a YouTuber.)

If you found a leprechaun at the end of a rainbow what would you do?
"Um...I would call 911...No, I'm just joking.  I would ask him if he wants a lucky penny."
"Do you have a lucky penny?" I ask Lewie.
"No.  Before I give it to him, I would need to find one."

Tell me three ways you know it's springtime.
"Doesn't it rain a lot in the spring? rains a lot, it gets a little warmer, and the air smells good."

Do you wear green on St. Patrick's Day?  What happens if you don't wear green?
"Yeah sure.  I don't know what happens if you don't wear green, Can you put dot, dot, dot?"  (He loves ellipses.)  "I have no words of wisdom."  (This is one of his favorite sayings.)

I'm looking forward to linking up again with Stephanie of Wife Mommy Me on April 12th. Her March linkup is here:


  1. Oh my goodness I love that he asked for an ellipse! And I agree the air smells good (well, when it doesn't smell like worms).

  2. Call 911! That is hilarious! I have no words of wisdom is pretty great, too. I love your kid!


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