Lewie Meets Dan TDM


If you have a son somewhere between the ages of 5 to 12 that loves Minecraft and loves watching YouTube videos, then chances are you may have heard of Dan TDM.   Dan TDM has been a household name in our dwelling for the past two years.  It started when Lewie was introduced to Minecraft by his older cousin Sarah; then, Minecraft became the topic of discussion, superseding his once main fascination with trains.

The transition was swift.  Lewie was already a huge YouTube fan because it gave him an opportunity to watch trains.  He would spend hours watching Lionel O-Gauge train layouts, lego train layouts, and descriptions of model trains (as explained by his favorite YouTube train expert, Eric Siegel).  Then, he started searching for Minecraft videos, and he was introduced to a whole host of YouTube gamers--his favorite being Dan TDM.

I'm not a Dan TDM expert, but what I do know is he's a twenty-five year old British YouTube personality (YouTuber) from the U.K.  He often rocks blue hair with disc earings, which makes him "ultra-cool" in the eyes of young boys. As a mom, I like him too because he uses clean language, and he's genuinely funny.  Dan TDM's book, Trayaurus and the Enchanted Crystal, describes him this way:

"Dan the Diamond Minecart, AKA Dan TDM, is one of the most popular YouTubers in the world with over 12 million subscribers who tune into his Minecraft and gaming videos.  He has over 8 billion views on these videos in total, which makes him one of the most-watched channels on the whole of YouTube!  Learn more about Dan at www.thediamondminecart.com."

Just recently, I learned that Dan TDM was coming to the Oakdale Theater in Connecticut as part of his U.S. tour.  Ticket prices were outrageous, but since Lewie had been following him for two years, and he never asks for much, I thought this would be the perfect surprise.  The week before the event, I let him know we had two tickets and told him he'd be going with Daddy.  Of course, he wanted all three of us to go, but he understood we had to save money.  As it turned out, his best friend Ryan and his mom went too, so although, they didn't sit together, they both were able to meet up for a picture. The boys were EXCITED.

Lewie's best friend, Ryan.

Two of Dan TDM's biggest fans!
And here are a few more pics before the event, too.  Although, I wasn't there to witness it in person, this little boy seemed to LOVE his first "concert-type" experience.

Before Lewie left for the show, he gave me a link to a "boot-leg" version of the performance.  "This is so you can see it too, Mommy," he said as he left.  Honestly, this little boy melts my heart.  I'm so happy he was able to have this experience.


  1. I have a friend who took her daughter to Boston to see him! I didn't know who he was so I had to google. Looks like fun.

  2. I feel so so old because I'm so behind on the YouTube craze and youtubers and all of it! I'll catch on eventually!


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