The Desert (a.k.a. My Last Post about Arizona)


Our last stop in Arizona was Scottsdale.  We stayed at a resort called The Boulders Resort and Spa and had our own "casita" or townhouse.  It was a beautiful place with lots of gorgeous Arizona desert views (including a golf course), but the place still felt "wild."  On one morning walk, I found myself face-to-face with a Javelina, a hoofed mammal from South America that resembles a wild boar.  On another night, my husband was driven to our casita by golf cart because there were "predator" sightings such as coyotes and mountain lions.  The hotel staff reassured us that's there's never been any "incidents" at the resort, but we still wondered about our safety...  I stopped taking walks alone.

The Javelina that stepped right out in front of me.  He was about 300 feet away.  I zoomed in to get a better picture.

The Spa - I did treat myself one morning, but I didn't spend much time here because children were not allowed to use the restaurant or pool in this area.

Our Casita

For a Father's Day gift, I decided to treat Little Lewie and my husband to a TomCar desert tour.  At first Big Lew was interested in renting an ATV for the day, but with 110 degree heat, it didn't make much sense. Instead, we chose a sunset tour when the temp would be cooler, and he and Little Lewie could learn more about the desert landscape.  Plus, the tour promised scorpion sightings!

When the boys arrived home after a three hour adventure in the desert, they were covered in sweat and sand.  I soon learned that this "fun tour" had some adventure--I "literally" threw my boys out to the wolves, or in this case, mountain lions.  While my two boys were shining LED UV lights on scorpions, they stepped by some bushes and heard a large growl.  Even the tour guide was frightened and commented about how he wish he didn't forget his gun that day.  In the pitch black darkness, the tour guide told my husband and Little Lewie to get behind him.  He then shined a flashlight directly at the bushes while all three of them slowly stepped backward for a semi-long journey back to their TomCars.  Everyone was frightened, but luckily, they arrived home safely in one piece.  They certainly couldn't wait to share their adventure with me when they returned to the hotel.  Now that we've been home for over a month, I've heard this story at least twenty more times!  (My lesson: I'll think twice before sending my boys out to the wild desert again.)

Scorpions glow in the dark when you shine LED UV lights on them.

From our early days up at the Grand Canyon among the Ponderosa Pines to our final days lounging by Saguaro Cacti in the wild desert, our trip was certainly FULL.  We came home with a new appreciation and awe for such a unique and enchanting place.  It's no wonder that even ten years later, my cousin still chooses to stay.


  1. The resort looks beautiful and the last time I was in AZ I saw one of those wild boar things too!

  2. Casitas are one of my favorite things about Arizona! And aren't the jack rabbits crazy looking?! Your resort looks beautiful!


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